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K'naan- Is Anybody out there featuring Nelly Furtado


Check out the music video for K'naan's "Is Anybody Out There?" song, a collaboration with Canadian pop star Nelly Furtado, which serves as the latest single from the Somalian rapper/singer's EP "More Beautiful Than Silence" - "It's a very hopeful and sweet, pure song about emotions that everybody feels every day of their lives". The video starts like a movie as it follows the bad choices, yet positive results of two teenagers who feel left out and alone. This collaboration is really nice and they both sound well together. Its a positive message to the youth.

Rumor has it her new English LP will see the light of day this summer 2012! Chris Robinson directed the video.


BWTV inspiring story of Josh Dueck paraplegic lands backflip skiing

An inspiring story of John Dueck a Canadian alphine skier. Josh Dueck's life changed dramastically in 2004, when he broke his back and left him as a T11 — full paraplegic from a skiing accident. He wanted to come back in the mountains to ski.  For the past 8 years one of his dreams has been to do a flip on snow again.  Josh was able to sit ski in 2007 and won a champaionship. Then in 2009 won world championships parapglic gins and won a silver medal in 2011.

When most people would give up and resolve to sedentary life, Josh Dueck looked at his accident as an opportunity to pursue his dreams in an entirely different way. Josh true passion is skiing and wouldn't let an accident stop him. After a lot of practice and courage earlier this month on Feb 3, Josh Dueck became the first person to land a back flip in a sit-ski.


Josh motto is: The only difference between the impossible and the possible is one's attitude.