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Sweaty Butt Crack...


It's about to get hot here, folks.  We have about two weeks in the spring where the humidity doesn't assault you the second you step outside and that short period is officially over.  As soon as the humidity hits I'm hell bent on staying inside, except for evening and weekend morning walks.  Not only does humidity friz the hell out of your hair, for some more sweat... 


From the website (that's Shampoo, bodywash and powder for your butt, ha,ha...  The body wash is interesting.  The powder actually makes sense.  And in case the regular formula irritates your delicate sensibilities.


Another one:

 A few women have reviewed this and say it's fantastic.  Helps with chafing, sweating, rashes, razor burn, etc



How to Reduce a Sweaty Butt Crack

    • Don't wear clothes or undergarments that are too tight. Very tight clothing can impede the flow of air around your body and produce excess perspiration, especially in the backside region. Select garments that are well fitted and stay away from too many synthetic fabrics.

    • Wear natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and silk. These fabrics breathe and allow air to circulate around the body. Many underwear manufacturers produce cotton and silk underwear that is attractive and breathable.


Urban Night Life

By Hikari Iwata


Urban City Night Life


Take your style to the sky and never look back. Whatever your flavor of fashion you'll find your favorite look here. Be chic, be beautiful...

Tips that every entrepreneur should know - Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph

Tips that every entrepreneur should know featuring Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph
By Abesi Manyando

When celebrities, athletes and top corporations are in need of marketing and event management consulting there is one company that they always call on and that is Enigma LLC.  Founded by CEO, Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph, Enigma LLC has been the firm of choice for corporations such as General Motors, Dell, American Airlines and a slew of Hollywood Film agencies in need of perfectly produced premieres. Enigma has been responsible for the bulk of nation-wide film premieres in the Southwest region.  Over the years, Enigma orchestrated marketing, and PR for events such as the Superbowl
Superbowl, Megafest, and the NBA All Star Weekend. On the theatrical side of entertainment, Rudolph implemented exceptional marketing and promotions for Porgy & Bess, Fela and Dream Girls.  It seemed only appropriate that Rudolph was recently named “Supplier of the Year” by the Minority Suppliers Development Council and recognized as one of Dallas’ most significant contributors in business by the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce who presented her with the Quest for Success award. Despite all of the success that Enigma has received, Rudolph recognizes that it is not easy to be an entrepreneur or maintain a successful business in our current economy.  Her strategies, reach and marketing implementations have kept Enigma afloat and she works hard to encourage and help other business owners do the same.

“It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you have a small business, there are things that you will experience in the quest to transform your company into becoming a recognizable force in the industry.  I think every entrepreneur experiences highs and lows, so never think that you are the only one going through difficulties when things aren’t going as you hope,” says Rudolph. “The first tip that I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is study your field and master what it is you want to do.  If you want to win you have to be the best at what you do and you have to wake up every morning with your game face on, ready to perform to the best of your ability.  Number two: You have to be willing to strategically market yourself.  An entrepreneur doesn’t wait for the opportunity to come to them, we have to go out and create the opportunity.  For example, I have been wanting to work with Tyler Perry Studios for a long time.  I have worked with many film companies the last fifteen years managing their premiers and penetrating the urban market to run to the box office during opening weekend and beyond. Over the years ,I have had  a strong desire and passion to work with Mr. Perry so right now I’m brainstorming ways to reach him and make him aware that my firm exists.  I’m doing this now so that when the opportunity comes to market his next project (be it film or television) perhaps my company can be considered.  Entrepreneurs have to stay ahead of the curve and create their own opportunities like I am doing.”
“Network, network, network you never know who your next potential client will be.  It’s important to take advantage of any meetings, events and situations.  Your work isn’t always going to fall on your lap you have to make the effort to talk to people about your business.  It’s important to always be a positive representation of your business and know that as you network you are marketing yourself. The last tip is that every entrepreneur has to know how to budget it is hard to predict what can happen from months to months but you always have to save and budget.  Sometimes you may come across an account/job that will require you to have a great line of credit just to get the account especially if you aspiring to land a multi-million dollar bid or even less in event marketing.  So managing your money is definitely key! Clients have to trust that you can manage your budget.”
Along with being an exceptional entrepreneur, Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph is a mentor to other young entrepreneurs.  Her mission is to uplift and strengthen women who have their own businesses. She is also a domestic violence survivor who dedicates her time to a women’s shelter in Dallas.  Please go to www.enigmallc to connect with Rudolph.



Pharrell Williams Cries While Watching 'Happy' Fan Videos on 'Oprah'

Pharrell Williams Talks Creative Inspiration, Sources of Happiness

Even Pharrell Williams, he of the flamboyant toppers, can't overcome the bowling-over capabilities of Oprah..

During his "Oprah Prime" appearance on Sunday, the seven-time Grammy-winner was overcome with emotion as the TV queen brought up his infectious song "Happy" and its breakout influence all over the world.  A montage of fan-created YouTube videos adapted to his No. 1 Hot 100 hit "Happy." Following a series of videos from London, the Philippines, Iceland and more, the singer found himself in tears.

Finally, Williams opens up, confessing, "It's overwhelming because I love what I do and people have believed in me for so long that I can make it to this point, to feel that."

Not only is he a great perormer but he is probably the greatest music producer of this generation. The Raw emotion is from hard work and dediction. Finally he is getting the long overdue credit he deserves. 




Bridal Fashion Week - Isabelle Armstrong

 Images by : Nakulwa Smith 

Traditional with a twist of modern romance, Isabelle Armstong wedding dresses for "Fall 2014" season are beautiful.

BWTV attended the launch of Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Couture at Penthouse 45 as part of New York’s Bridal Fashion Week. It was a breathtaking collection perfect for the modern bride who still wants incorporate tradition. The collection ranged from flowing ball gowns to short cocktail style dresses.



There is no bride in the world who doesn't want to be the most gorgeous bride. To some extent, this can be achieved by a perfect wedding gown.




 Isabelle Armstrong gowns in NY are perfect for your special day.


CalExotic hosts Coco-Licious Launch Party(Pleasure Toys)

Written and Photographed by: SeeSantana


What's a better way to spend an evening than a celebrity hang-out in Chelsea? Coco launches her new sex toy line with CalExotics at The Raven. The night was filled with the swanky socialites of Manhattan and exclusive celebrity allure. The venue was glamourous as it was bedazzled with sex toys for her and the best part was that everyone got to home with one! Yes...even BeautyWithinTv.


How to produce a successful event to remember!

Tips that every publicist & event planner should know

by Abesi Manyando featuring Tyelise Nelson

Everybody loves to attend a great event but a lot of people don’t know what goes into creating a  spectacular event. If you’ve ever tried to plan an event that didn’t go as planned perhaps you should consider tips from an expert. Highly acclaimed Event Planner and Marketing Consultant, Tyelise Nelson is one of New York’s top go-to Event Planning Consultant. Nelson is CEO/Founder of iAdonia, LLC, a special event firm that provides event production and management as well as marketing. Through iAdonia LLC (formerly Manna Management), Tyelise has created, coordinated, produced and assisted with events for such high profile clients as Allan Houston, Amare Stoudemire, Ben Gordon, DMX, NY Liberty, Tyra Banks, Celebrity Chef Max Hardy, MasterCard, Pfizer, and MetLife to name a few. I had the opportunity of working with Tyelise last year at one of New York’s most talked about private celebrity-studded fundraiser. After years of pulling off back to back stellar events, Tyelise wanted to help other event planners and publicists by sharing her tips on how to produce a memorable and successful event.

Tyelise’s Tips:

First I would like to say a great event is described by its attendees as an experience. Your event should
be something that guests remember years later, and this will be because it was well thought out and well-planned. There are ways to make that possible.

1. Mission- treat your event like a business plan. Have a mission as to why you're planning this event.
Be it to launch your magazine or newly released album, celebrate a successful campaign win, or to raise
money for a not-for-profit, each event should begin with a mission. Know exactly why you are having this event.

2. Vision- the next step in creating an experience is your vision. What do you see when you close your
eyes? It may be beautiful flowers. It may be hundreds of children having a ball at a carnival. Perhaps it's a room full of celebrities singing with you as you perform your song. See it and communicate it to your planner. I ask my clients this question so we can create a strategy to make the vision a reality.


3. Budget - be very clear with exactly what your budget is so you can understand how much of that vision can actually become a reality. When I do weddings, so many clients want this extravagant Jay-Z and Beyonce wedding with Thelma and Keith money. They would request elaborate decor, then back out once they saw their invoice. Be honest with yourself and your planner exactly what you can afford. It may mean you have to push your date back in order to have all that you envision. Or perhaps it may ,mean you may have to do without some things.

4. Venue- be sure to find a venue that contributes to your event. Location, location location!! Make sure
it's accessible by public transportation as well as by car. Venues with beautiful views and awesome decor are huge pluses. I'm a stickler when it comes to bathrooms. The more modern and grande the bathrooms are, the more I may go with a venue. Venues that focus on modernizing their restrooms are usually owners who understand the value that modern components brings to their venue. Flat screen monitors, high end A/V options and state of the art LED lighting that comes with the venue are great incentives. In addition, it could help with costs.

5. Logistics - what's your menu? What drinks will be served? What's the room design and set-up?    Where will celebrities enter and exit? These are some questions to be answered in the logistical process of producing an event to remember. This is probably the most important step in planning a successful
event. Decide on food and beverage, paparazzi management, audio/visual and entire run of the event.  Creating an event specification sheet as well as a timeline to be sure everything runs smoothly is oh so necessary. Nothing says "great event" better than a very organized event.

6. Entertainment - Your entertainment, be it a DJ, band, quartet or performer, can make or break your
event. Therefore take this very, very seriously when choosing. I've been to events that were horribly organized, yet the DJ was so awesome, we ended up having the best time ever. I've also been to      events that were masterpieces, but the band was awful, so we left early. Planners and clients have to remember you can't go with your friend's brother DJ Joey who does all of the local baby showers          because he's charging you $300. Your event is not the time to give your niece's band their first playing gig a bust, your event will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. Make sure a nice portion of your budget is allotted for a great DJ or entertainer that will drive guests to your event and enjoy your event from start to end.


7. Decor - Aim for over the top decor. Creative color palettes, out of the box furniture, illuminated logos
bars and incredible centerpieces aren't even a drop in the bucket for great event decor ideas. Do your
research and find pieces that will not only wow your guests, but create an inviting atmosphere.


8. Marketing - creative invitations can always help with initial marketing of your event. Over the top invites create a buzz that can entice guests to want to attend just to see how great your event will be. However, that usually works for weddings, and other social events. For most, other avenues such as      websites, blogs and email blasts help reach individuals you may not normally have access to. While you   can advertise your event with local radio stations, and periodicals, nothing reaches the mass as much as social media. Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram can access just about anyone. Use this to your

9. Guest List - Celebrities always drive people to your party. The more celebrities you can confirm for
your party, the more you can bet on your RSVP list to grow. However, not everyone has access to
celebrities or the who's who of your city, and that's fine. Focus on guests who are important to you and
include Company leaders, local radio personalities, local socialites.







Rising Star - Jhene' Aiko video "The Worst"



On Aiko’s debut EP, she arises as a new female rising artist of today. While “Sail Out” marks Aiko’s major-label solo debut, she has a long and high-profile history in the industry. The 25-year-old Los Angeles native — whose first name is pronounced Juh-NEH — has been serving as the sultry secret weapon in key songs from Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Big Sean, J. Cole and, most prominently, Drake. Aiko released a mixtape two years ago that featured cameos by stars including Miguel and West, and she appears as a guest on Drake’s current tour.

The majority of Sail Out is sleepy and melodic, pertaining to either getting faded or relationship problems. Though these seem like typically played-out topics, Jhene's vocals come with a definite freshness. With the exception of the revealing bonus track "Comfort Inn Ending", each song is produced by frequent collaborator Fisticuffs, a combination that unquestionably works.


Jhene' Aiko video "The Worst"


Eden Advocate: Amy Purdy Paralympic Snowboarding Star an inspiration

Featured Eden Advocate:

Amy Purdy | February 2014


Element Eden was born from the desire to make a difference. Based around the advocate program, our mission is to inspire girls to follow their own path and to find a different perspective from the old standard. Genuine, creative, and passionate, Element Eden lets you express yourself without saying a word. You are what you wear, because you wear what you are. 

Element Eden Advocates are a team of crafts women, including artists, musicians, filmmakers, social activists, environmentalists, poets, designers, skaters and many other creative and inspiring individuals. The goal of the program is to inspire, as well as presenting a broader and more realistic definition of what it means to be a woman - something with real substance and depth. This more balanced view of the female perspective inspires younger generations and allows Element to forever flourish and adapt with each Advocate.


Amy Purdy was a competitive snowboarder for 5 years and an aspiring actress. In 1999 she contracted an illness that threatened her life, She survived but at a cost: she walked out of the hospital with prosthetic legs, her father also donated a kidney to her. She has returned to her love of snowboarding

This month, Element Eden focuses on Advocate Amy Purdy, a star of US Snowboarding Paralympics, who will compete at the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, March 7-16 at the debut competition for snowboard cross. T


Amy's Element Eden February 2014 Picks:



Surviving our economic crisis: A proactive approach

Surviving our economic crisis: A proactive approach
Financial Strategist, Donnell Bobo’s  tips for a successful financial year
by  Abesi Manyando


In a recent article from “An Economy in Crisis,” writer George Barlow wrote the following; “The U.S. economy is in dire straits. Americans can tell something is wrong, but they can’t put their finger on what the problem is. Our country was once a leader in productive manufacturing, but now we have been relegated to a “service economy” where we make nothing of value. Some Americans have been able to maintain their former standard of living, but our whole nation is living on the back of mounting debt. This is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to the total collapse of our economy if nothing is done to stop it.”
Many Financial analysts agree with Barlows’s sentiments about the economy.  More and more Americans are struggling to make it without being consumed in debt.  Financial Strategist and owner of DB Enterprise Financial, Donnell Bobo states that “times are difficult for the average American family but there are a few things that people can do to not be harshly victimized by our staggering economic crisis.”  Perhaps the suspended state of economic despair will not last much longer but nevertheless Bobo suggest that we could make the following provisions to have a better financial year.



For people who work a 9 to 5, Bobo suggests that there is nothing wrong with starting your own business on the side.  If you have a skill or craft, you can turn that into something profitable or it can be an extra income to add to your earnings.  Find something that you enjoy doing and see how that skill can translate into dollars for you.
Once you have created a business that reflects your interests, you can think about creating capital through business credit.  If your business is structured correctly you may build the business credit for your new company.
 Depending on your ability to take risks or not, purchasing penny stocks may be a good idea, whereas penny stocks can have a good return.
 In the event you do not have readily accessible capital, I would recommend taking up a trade of some sort that will give you more skill and ability to prepare yourself for the real world.
  And for those of you who have a tax return we recommend making a secure investment with your money rather than buying frivolous and unnecessary items. Such investments: CD, mutual fund, bluechip stocks, and real-estate. This is the time to maybe think about buying a piece of property which will be very beneficial in the long haul.

Along with being the CEO of DB Enterprise Financial, Mr. Bobo is also the owner of UCS Credit Repair and Cybernetics Technology.  Cybernetics uses the state of the art project management tools to monitor and manage tasks and projects on a daily basis. Bobo also works with under-privileged families educating them about financial literacy and credit rights.  Donnell Bobo can be reached at:


Betsey Johnson Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Written by: SeeSantana


There is no place on Earth like New York City when it comes to fashion. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was vividly exciting as designers were sporting new collections for Fall 2014. The runways were keeping us warm in this frigid weather as Betsey Johnson showcased her fiery new collection, "Hot". Betsey Johnson is famously known for her outrageous and wild style and her runway show was no different. Colorful, unique and ultimately chic, Betsey Johnson defines fashion.




Skingraft Fall/Winter NYFW 14'

SKINGRAFT Fall/Winter 2014 Collection
By: Jiovana Dawson

Alpha is one word that describes designer Jonny Cota’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection SKINGRAFT. The dramatic street wear designs were simply remarkable and awe-inspiring! Skingraft’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is inspired by the idea of drastic climate change and an inevitable return to a dystopian survivalist future. According to Jonny Cota, “the collection pulls from Siberian, Mongolian, and artic tribal cultures who have adapted, thrived and built communities in harsh climates and severe conditions for centuries.”
The artic inspiration is filtered through Skingraft’s signature nomadic street wear lens. It explores new fabrications including hand-quilted leather and mohair, shaved pony hair, ribbed nylon-fused fleece and intricate embroideries detailed with leather and metal jewels. Front row VIP attendees consisted of Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries/Singer), Miss J Alexander (TV Personality), Kevin Alejandro (True Blood), and Robert Verdi (TV Personality).

Kat Grahamn (Vampire Diaries)



The collection mainly featured all black and metallic gold pieces. My favorite designs from the Alpha Fall 2014 collection were the leather and wool blazer with embroidered ALPHA tunic, fur and knit leather jacket with gold embroidered Mongolian skirt, quilted bear print vest with bear print fur hoodie, and lastly the nylon fused fleece hoodie with leather tunic and leather jogging pant. Jonny Cota stated, “For me, the fall collection is not just about survival in the harsh uncertainties of our world’s future, but rather it is about thriving and building new forms of self-expression and community once the infrastructure as-we-know-it is forced into question by our changing earth and a new opportunity is upon us.” 






Mark & Estel NYFW Fall/Winter 14'

Mark & Estel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Runway Show

By: Jiovana Dawson
Mark & Estel kicked off the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by rocking the runway once again with their Fall/Winter 2014 collection! Last season they had us living in a “New World” for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, but the music and fashion duo brought us back to re-visit their “Old World” Fall/Winter 2014 collection. This Fall/Winter 2014 collection was extremely rocker-chic as well as sophisticated! A few familiar faces were spotted in the front row of the runway show. These faces included Skylar Grey (Singer/Songwriter), Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Dancing with the Stars), Rutina Welsey (True Blood), Val Chmerkovskiy (Dancing with the Stars), Vanessa Ray (Pretty Little Liars, Blue Blood), Taryn Manning (Orange Is The New Black), and Tracy Anderson (Celebrity Trainer).
There were so many amazingly stylish pieces in this year’s “Old World” collection! My ultimate favorite designs included the striped wool sweater overcoat with black tank, black shawl with red wrap skirt, lace turtleneck top with black silk pants, and the wool, plaid leather cape. Mark & Estel surprised the audience and closed the show with a rocking performance of their song “Forward to the Old World,” which complimented their Rock and Roll inspired collection!








Noon by Noor - Fall/Winter MBFW 14'

Article by Shantoel McLeod
If fashionistas Coco Rocha, Solange Knowles and world renown photographer Negril Barker sitting side by side in front row of the Noon by Noor show isn't eye catching enough, I'm sure the gorgeous models strouting down the runway in demand-attention pieces has to be. Pastels for Fall may be downright ludicrous but is well executed in a soft two-toned felt and faux fur oversized coat. From a romantic purple wide leg trousers perfectly paired with chartreuse shirt and a grey embellished turtleneck jumper to a striking Lilac embellished tulle dress—the design cousin duo, Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa, fall collection is the perfect mashup of modern and effortless style.

En Noir Fall/Winter NYFW 14


Article by Jazmine Johnson
Entering the EN|NOIR Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show, which showed at the Park Avenue Armory, pillars of fog and darkness set an eerie mood for the collection that focused on the concept of “Grand Minimalism.” The all black line is incredibly versatile and concentrated on clean, slim fits but also multidimensional detailing on each piece. The collection featured simple lines and military-inspired silhouettes, which were characterized by the use of rich fabrics and textures, such as water snake, pony hair, and hand-distressed leather. Celebrities June Ambrose, Victor Cruz, Fabulous, Chiara Ferragni, Meek Mill, JR Smith, Amare Stoudemire, and Aimee and Dani Song, flooded the front row to the highly anticipated show by designer Rob Gacia.