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Melissa Gorga Previews HSN Jewelry Collection

Images courtesy of Getty


On Wednesday, July 16th at the Hey Dollhouse Showroom in NYC - Melissa Gorga, of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of New Jersey previews her 24-piece Melissa Gorga Jewelry Collection includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, ranging in price from $20-$100. The collection is available now on, and will officially launch on July 28th during Melissa’s on-air HSN appearance.








Sam Smith - Stay with me (Music Review)



"Stay With Me" is a song by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith, released as the third single from his debut studio album, In the Lonely Night.  It was released in the United Kingdom as a digital download on 18 May 2014. The song was written by Smith.  The remix version features American R&B singer Mary J Blidge. It has peaked at #5 on Billboard, making it Smith's first top-five single in the United States.

The YouTube views made 30 million.. perhaps because of a combination of its lyrics and “tune”, which was actually about a one-night stand and loving it though without love and commitment in it.

Yea, nowadays, even in many parts of the world.. people could relate to such scenario.


Sam Smith- Stay with Me


MedSpa44 opening with Botox and Bubbles

Dr. Ronald Blatt, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. hosted the opening of MedSpa44 with Botox & Bubbles. Guests enjoyed champagne and hors d'oeuvres while experiencing a range of state-of-the-art beauty treatment services that are offered at MedSpa44.  These services include: CoolSculpting®The LiLa® Strawberry Laser, Botox and fillers, laser hair removal, waxing, facials and peels, among others. Guests were able to experience selected services—such as Botox and receive complimentary facials from Nia24. Notable guests in attendance included Bravo TV’s RHONY Aviva Drescher; High Voltage (Kathie Dolgin), Celebrity Trainer and TV Personality Michelle Smoller.


Live demonstrations of MedSpa44’s hottest new treatment, CoolSculpting® wowed the attendees. This procedure is the only FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes fat away at present. Recipients of the CoolSculpting®treatment experience fat reduction for up to three months as the body naturally and permanently eliminates fat cells from the body. This state-of-the-art treatment is only offered at four facilities in the New York City area.



MedSpa44 guests also learned out the revolutionary LiLa® Strawberry Laser. This procedure is a non-surgical and pain-free body contouring treatment that can shed inches off the body in as little as 10 minutes. The LiLa® Strawberry Laser uses low-level (cold) laser technology to melt fat within the fat cells and although available in London, United Kingdom for over ten years is relatively new to the United States. MedSpa44 is currently the only facility in the New York City Area to offer the Lila Strawberry Laser service.



Med Spa 44 is an elegant, full-service spa offering a wide array of luxurious face and body services including waxing, facials and a variety of other leading edge treatments conveniently located a half block from Grand Central Station in New York City.


In addition to standard spa services, Med Spa 44, with its highly trained team of certified aestheticians, provides a wide array of state-of-the-art laser and skin rejuvenation treatments, including Botox and the newest fillers.


About Ronald Blatt, M.D.:


Aviva Drescher, Dr. Ronald Blatt, Elise Blatt

Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan


Dr. Ronald Blatt is a recognized expert in the field of women's health with over 30 years expertise in the field. Dr. Blatt has built one of the world's top health care practices in New York City, where he is Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery and the Manhattan Centers for Women's Health. His dedication to the holistic comfort of women covering the range of treatments from non-invasive through to specialist surgical procedures has led to his creation of MedSpa44.

For more information:

144 E 44th St Fl 2, New York, NY 10017 · (212) 308-4990


Finding a bathing suit for your body type

Article by Dory Jackson

Bathing Suits for All!

There comes a time in every women's life when we come across difficulties finding bathing suits that properly suit our bodies. With Fourth of July weekend around the corner, the mayhem of finding the right bathing suit comes to an all time high.  Today is your lucky day! Everyone deserves to feel stunning in the bathing suit that they wear; we would like to help you find the suit that suits you!

For those with a Large Bust:
The best type of bathing suits for women with larger busts is suits with higher neckline or underwire support. The higher neckline helps to shape the bust in a way that appears as flattering rather than sloppy. Plus, the underwire help to cup and provide better support.  

Sexy Spaghetti Straps Open-work Design Solid White Bikini   
For those with Fuller Hips/Thighs:
The best type of bathing suit for women with fuller hips and/or thighs are halter styled suits. The type of bathing suit helps to highlight the hips/thighs in a positive manner. 

Becca by Rebecca Virtue 
Vanishing Point One Piece 
Monokini Halter -- $108, 
Everything But Water

For those with a Straight Figure:
 The best type of bathing suits for women with a straighter figure is tankini's, color blocking suits and v neck's.  These type of suits help to give the illusion of more curvaceious figure especially pertaining to the waist and hips. 

'Show & Tell' Crochet One-
Piece Swimsuit-- $118, Nordstrom

For those with a Tummy:
The best type of bathing suit for this body type is this bathing suits draws eyes upward and diverts attention to the chest with the white portion.  It really gives a girl a free body lift.  If you have a tummy or a new mom, the black portion does a good job of concealing the belly. 

Sexy one piece flattering for belly control


Plus sized bathing suits: Bathing Suits offering stylish, flattering, beach-ready designs, that will suit for plus size women curves. 





Celebrity Relationships- The pressures and how to make it work

Briana Gilbert

Here we go again, at least once a month celebrity couples are on the latest talk shows, talked 
about on the radio stations, and are featured in the tabloids in the grocery stores next to 
the check- out line. The title of the tabloid that lingers on the bottom of the page under the 
pictures that depicts a “happy after ever photo” when the couple was happy together, now tells 
the world that their relationship has come to an end. 

If you have not noticed celebrities are faced with problematic short term relationships and 
marriages. It is already difficult to be in a relationship, but when your relationship is in the spot 
light it is even more difficult to keep. 
Celebrities are in the public eye and it can be easy to forget that they are human beings just 
like any person. They are people, with families, and face adversities and problems such as 
relationship problems as any other person does. 
 There are various difficulties in the industry that may affect celebrity relationships that every 
day people does not go through. Problems such as twisted photos and rumors going viral on 
social networks. Others features, unspent time together because one or the other is in tour, 
and the pressure and stress that comes from not being able to walk down the street without a 
flock of flashing lights and microphones pushed in your face. The endless groupies in the hotel 
lobby, determined to get what they want can’t be forgotten. 
Reality T.V shows and music lyrics that promotes infidelities and also short relationships add 
more pressure to celebrities relationships.
The shows and music of this time can promote 
negative relationships. They can also set new standards for the traditional relationship, by 
sending out messages such as it is easy to get another woman or man. What happened to the 
older music that made you want to work hard to keep you relationship? Or wanted you to rush 
home to make love to your significant other?
Not all celebrity couples relationships let influences and problem from the society affect them. 
Some couples have figured out the “formula” to remaining happy with each other. The formula 
includes remaining strong in the relationship in a society that is not for successful relationships. 
For an example Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has been together for more than 15 years. 
That doesn’t mean that punches from the media where not thrown their way. The couple sets 
an example for celebrity marriages. They prove that although they are not secretive their love 
is powerful enough to keep them together. They are not perfect, but continues to stick in their 
In order to have a successful relationship in the industry it has to be true love. The celebrities 
have to be a “power couple”. They have to be so powerful that no matter what changes in the 
world that are against them their love will remain the same. They have to want to make the 
relationship work despite of the double hard work that must be put in for it to lasts. To make 
it lasts celebrities must visit their significant while they may be in another state. Absence make 
the heart grows fonder, right? They must keep the sparks alive. 
As stated earlier celebrates are no different in the sense that they are people with feelings and 
emotions. The couple that survives in the celebrity world proves that it can be done. It is almost 
more beautiful to see a couple strength of love that helps them pass the storm to reveal that no 
matter what the sun has to shine and the flowers will bloom because they are together.



Eyelash Envy 

The Eyelash Envy


Article by Dory Jackson

Speaking on behalf of women everywhere, I think it is safe to say that many women

dreams of having gorgeous eyelashes. Unfortunately, some of us are not graced with

beautifully long eyelashes from birth. Mascara can only do but so much in enhancing

eyelash length and fullness, yet there are methods to getting the eyelash look you

are going for.

Methods to the Madness:

1. Individual Lashes

Many women have resorted to using fake eyelashes as

a way to temporarily give the appearance of longer lashes. Individual lashes

are applied with a lash adhesive and it generally lasts 1 to 2 weeks. This has

proved as a popular solution for women since it is drug store accessible. Plus,

they are fairly affordable. As long as you know how to apply them correctly,

then you are good to go. via


2. Eyelash Extensions

In comparison to individual lashes, lash extensions give

off a more natural appearance. The process is a tad dreary since a lash stylist

applies the lashes carefully. Despite that, you will leave the salon with the

look you want. It is recommended to get extension touch ups every 2 to 4

weeks. This can prove to be costly overtime, but on the plus side, mascara is

no longer a necessity since the eyelash extensions provide a longer and fuller

look. via


3. Prescription Treatment for Eyelash Growth


Model Brooke Shields is very knowledgeable of this method since she uses a prescription treatment

to improve the length of her lashes. Latisse—the brand Shields uses—

and LiLash are two products that help to promote eyelash growth. These

products claim to grow fuller and longer lashes at a quicker pace. Now, both of these products have proved to work for many, but they tend to be on the pricier side. via


4. Growing Lashes out Naturally


This is a method that I had tried myself. I did

some research and found different ways to naturally grow eyelashes. I have

found that castor oil, coconut oil, and Vaseline all help to promote eyelash

hair growth. I decided to experiment around with this by using coconut oil

as a way to grow my eyelashes. As a pleasant surprise, it had worked! My

eyelashes are now longer and thicker. I also tried Vaseline and that method

worked fairly well too.of these products have proved to work for many, but they tend to be on the

pricier side.  via


Hopefully, I have been able to provide helpful ways for you to enhance the look of

your eyelashes. Good luck!



CDFA Fashion Awards 2014: Best Dressed

The Best CDFA Fashion Awards
Article by Dory Jackson

Monday June 2nd, the CFDA Fashion Awards were held at Lincoln Center in NYC. As you all know, only the best of the best are invited to this exclusive event. It only follows that we present a few highlights of those who had attended the CDFA Fashion Awards.



Rihanna, CFDA’S selection for fashion icon of 2014, presented herself with complete poise in a very sheer crystal-encrusted gown. Despite the controversial choice to daringly showcase her body in her custom-made Adam Selman see-through gown, the singer looked dazzling in her bold look as she graced the red carpet.


Blake Lively—pictured with Michael Kors—looked stunning in a sequin gold minidress created by designer Michael Kors. Lively’s look had a retro 60’s vibe to it and she looked nothing but flawless.


Lupita Nyong’o looked incredible in outfit from the Suno AW14 Collection. Her outfit incorporated an assortment of vibrant colors and the makeup she wore complimented her outfit soothingly.



 Chanel Iman looked ravishing in a shimmery black gown all while flaunting her skin.


Lastly, Jessica Stam looked highly sophisticated in a white Giulietta jumpsuit, which she accompanied it with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.


Unfortunately we didn’t get to examine all of the attendees, but who do you think was best/worst dressed?


Mamarazzi Luncheon Toasting Robin Roberts book "Everybody's got something"

 Robin Roberts - Everybody's Got Something- book contest giveaway...

Denise Albert host of The Moms attends the Mamarazzi Luncheon Toasting Robin Roberts at NYY Steak Manhattan on April 24, 2014 in New York City. 


"Everybody's got something." That's what Robin Roberts' mother used to tell her. For the "Good Morning America" co-anchor, her something was myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS, a rare blood disorder. Roberts, a breast cancer survivor, underwent a bone marrow transplant in September 2012 to treat MDS, receiving donor cells from her sister, Sally Ann, and candidly documented her journey.


 When Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts was a little girl, whenever she'd complain to her mother about how unfair life was, her mother would say, "Oh, everybody's got something."

 "I had that moment of: Wow, I can't believe I'm going through this. Why is this happening to me?" she tells NPR's Rachel Martin. "And my mother ... sweetly and gently — said to me, 'Honey, everybody's got something.' And it just really stuck with me."


Everybody's Got Something is the title of a new memoir Roberts has coauthored with Veronica Chambers. In it, she describes her "somethings" — her breast cancer and a rare blood disorder, which required a bone marrow transplant.

Roberts shared her treatment and recovery with her Good Morning America audience. "As my mother would say: 'Make your mess your message," Roberts says.  Robin Roberts very "Beauty within"





 Listen to Insight Daily Radio, Robin shares with listeners it's all about faith, family and friends in five different, two-minute segments.'bin-roberts



"Make your mess your message,"...Robin taught a nation of viewers
that while it is true that we've all got something -- a medical crisis to face, aging parents to care for, heartbreak in all its many forms --- We've also all got something to give.  Email us a time, How you transformed a tragedy that inspires others...  BWTV will choose 2 contestants to win Robin Roberts book -
Everybody Got something...  Email: 



Gladiator Sandals are back!!!

History of Gladiator Sandals - Roman Footwear
Many of the gladiators fought barefoot but others wore Gladiator Sandals. Absolutely no Roman citizen would appear in public with bare feet. This would indicate poverty. Roman citizens wore sandals - footwear without toe coverings indoors and shoes or boots footwear with toe . Sandals were generally the most worn type of footwear in warm climates such as the countries surrounding the Mediterranean - the Roman Empire.

Rihanna in Tom Ford Gladiator sandals


Shop for Cute Sandals this summer....


Gold Strappy Gladiator Sandals Faux Leather

Look perfectly pretty for your next party when you add these saucy gladiator heels to your look! 




White Strappy Gladiator Sandals



Pomegranate Strappy Gladiator Sandals Faux Leather



Yellow Strappy Gladiator Sandals Faux Leather



Green Cut Out Thong Sandals 



  Ten Lace Tie Cut Out Sandals



For great deals on a huge selection yellow leather gladiator sandals -


LA Perla boutiques in Hong Kong and Macao 



La Perla Macao Ribbon Cutting with Silvio Scaglia, Chiara Scaglia and Liu Wen,


 The La Perla Boutique at Harbour City in Hong Kong celebrates its new image with an exclusive cocktail party on April 25, 2014. The La Perla Boutique at Venetian Resort in Macao was unveiled just one day later. Super model Liu Wen, who is one of the faces of the La Perla S/S 2014 campaign, and La Perla Asia Pacific Managing Director Ms. Chiara Scaglia attended the events.



 Liu Wen at Hong Kong re-opening event


The new design for the La Perla boutiques is the result of the work of architect Roberto Baciocchi, founder of the internationally renowned architectural studio with its headquarters in Arezzo - Italy. He also took the reins for all of the stores of Prada, Miu Miu and Church’s.


The project is clearly inspired by great Italian architecture, and was put together by Baciocchi for La Perla. References to the work of Carlo Scarpa from the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona can be found in the soft, dusty coloured walls dressed in painted fabric, and in the display cases within the store.




The ultra feminine range of colour shades, from pale blue, through dusky pink to daffodil yellow, plays on the luxurious essentiality of the hexagonal Portuguese marble slabs. Severity and softness are also found where the paving meets the rugs and silk tub armchairs in the same pastel tones as the walls.




The arch is one of the distinctive architectural elements of Italian art and here it becomes a backdrop lined in pink onyx inside each window.

The fitting rooms, featuring amethyst-coloured walls, are defined by backlit tulle panelling, creating a light, mellow and comfortable space. Another surprise is the metal grate feature that recalls ancient confessionals, and a “Service” bell for calling a member of the sales staff. 


Erica Campbell- McDonald's Gospel Tour

Billboard top selling gospel artist Erica Campbell visited the non-profit organization Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities. (ARMHC) is dedicated to serving the needs of children, by providing temporary housing and support services to families of ill and injured children being treated at local hospitals.


  Erica Campbell brightened up the room in an ensemble styled and put together by her sister/ Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Goo Goo. Erica also donated her debut solo album, "Help" to the Ronald McDonald House of Atlanta children battling life threatening diseases, and their families, staff, and volunteers as well.


     Erica is a supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities and is gearing up to hit the road to host and perform on the Eighth Annual McDonald's Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour coming to a city near you. 

     “I am so thankful and honored to be chosen not only to host the tour, but to perform alongside other gospel greats,” stated Campbell, also one-half of sister duo Mary Mary. “The tour will definitely be filled with uplifting music, laughter and an overall good time for everyone.”









All Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour concerts are free of charge. Gospel music fans can visit to obtain tickets.

Erica's Wardrobe Description: 
Top: Glam Hustle Life Boutique LA @GlamLustLife under $60 
Skirt: Rebecca Taylor $495 
Shoes: LAMB from Charli Boutique LA @CharliBoutique
Earrings: Kate Spade $68 

Look Pulled successfully together by Seasoned Celebrity Stylist Goo Goo @TheeGooGoo Website:


Sweaty Butt Crack...


It's about to get hot here, folks.  We have about two weeks in the spring where the humidity doesn't assault you the second you step outside and that short period is officially over.  As soon as the humidity hits I'm hell bent on staying inside, except for evening and weekend morning walks.  Not only does humidity friz the hell out of your hair, for some more sweat... 


From the website (that's Shampoo, bodywash and powder for your butt, ha,ha...  The body wash is interesting.  The powder actually makes sense.  And in case the regular formula irritates your delicate sensibilities.


Another one:

 A few women have reviewed this and say it's fantastic.  Helps with chafing, sweating, rashes, razor burn, etc



How to Reduce a Sweaty Butt Crack

    • Don't wear clothes or undergarments that are too tight. Very tight clothing can impede the flow of air around your body and produce excess perspiration, especially in the backside region. Select garments that are well fitted and stay away from too many synthetic fabrics.

    • Wear natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and silk. These fabrics breathe and allow air to circulate around the body. Many underwear manufacturers produce cotton and silk underwear that is attractive and breathable.


Urban Night Life

By Hikari Iwata


Urban City Night Life


Take your style to the sky and never look back. Whatever your flavor of fashion you'll find your favorite look here. Be chic, be beautiful...

Tips that every entrepreneur should know - Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph

Tips that every entrepreneur should know featuring Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph
By Abesi Manyando

When celebrities, athletes and top corporations are in need of marketing and event management consulting there is one company that they always call on and that is Enigma LLC.  Founded by CEO, Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph, Enigma LLC has been the firm of choice for corporations such as General Motors, Dell, American Airlines and a slew of Hollywood Film agencies in need of perfectly produced premieres. Enigma has been responsible for the bulk of nation-wide film premieres in the Southwest region.  Over the years, Enigma orchestrated marketing, and PR for events such as the Superbowl
Superbowl, Megafest, and the NBA All Star Weekend. On the theatrical side of entertainment, Rudolph implemented exceptional marketing and promotions for Porgy & Bess, Fela and Dream Girls.  It seemed only appropriate that Rudolph was recently named “Supplier of the Year” by the Minority Suppliers Development Council and recognized as one of Dallas’ most significant contributors in business by the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce who presented her with the Quest for Success award. Despite all of the success that Enigma has received, Rudolph recognizes that it is not easy to be an entrepreneur or maintain a successful business in our current economy.  Her strategies, reach and marketing implementations have kept Enigma afloat and she works hard to encourage and help other business owners do the same.

“It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you have a small business, there are things that you will experience in the quest to transform your company into becoming a recognizable force in the industry.  I think every entrepreneur experiences highs and lows, so never think that you are the only one going through difficulties when things aren’t going as you hope,” says Rudolph. “The first tip that I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is study your field and master what it is you want to do.  If you want to win you have to be the best at what you do and you have to wake up every morning with your game face on, ready to perform to the best of your ability.  Number two: You have to be willing to strategically market yourself.  An entrepreneur doesn’t wait for the opportunity to come to them, we have to go out and create the opportunity.  For example, I have been wanting to work with Tyler Perry Studios for a long time.  I have worked with many film companies the last fifteen years managing their premiers and penetrating the urban market to run to the box office during opening weekend and beyond. Over the years ,I have had  a strong desire and passion to work with Mr. Perry so right now I’m brainstorming ways to reach him and make him aware that my firm exists.  I’m doing this now so that when the opportunity comes to market his next project (be it film or television) perhaps my company can be considered.  Entrepreneurs have to stay ahead of the curve and create their own opportunities like I am doing.”
“Network, network, network you never know who your next potential client will be.  It’s important to take advantage of any meetings, events and situations.  Your work isn’t always going to fall on your lap you have to make the effort to talk to people about your business.  It’s important to always be a positive representation of your business and know that as you network you are marketing yourself. The last tip is that every entrepreneur has to know how to budget it is hard to predict what can happen from months to months but you always have to save and budget.  Sometimes you may come across an account/job that will require you to have a great line of credit just to get the account especially if you aspiring to land a multi-million dollar bid or even less in event marketing.  So managing your money is definitely key! Clients have to trust that you can manage your budget.”
Along with being an exceptional entrepreneur, Sherilyn K. Smith-Rudolph is a mentor to other young entrepreneurs.  Her mission is to uplift and strengthen women who have their own businesses. She is also a domestic violence survivor who dedicates her time to a women’s shelter in Dallas.  Please go to www.enigmallc to connect with Rudolph.



Pharrell Williams Cries While Watching 'Happy' Fan Videos on 'Oprah'

Pharrell Williams Talks Creative Inspiration, Sources of Happiness

Even Pharrell Williams, he of the flamboyant toppers, can't overcome the bowling-over capabilities of Oprah..

During his "Oprah Prime" appearance on Sunday, the seven-time Grammy-winner was overcome with emotion as the TV queen brought up his infectious song "Happy" and its breakout influence all over the world.  A montage of fan-created YouTube videos adapted to his No. 1 Hot 100 hit "Happy." Following a series of videos from London, the Philippines, Iceland and more, the singer found himself in tears.

Finally, Williams opens up, confessing, "It's overwhelming because I love what I do and people have believed in me for so long that I can make it to this point, to feel that."

Not only is he a great perormer but he is probably the greatest music producer of this generation. The Raw emotion is from hard work and dediction. Finally he is getting the long overdue credit he deserves. 



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