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Beauty trends at the Golden Globes



Red carpets can be a little...predictable, right? From — shimmery gown, Old Hollywood waves, cat-eyes. Sure, there were a few very classically pretty moments at the Golden Globes, courtesy of the usual suspects — Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain — and even a newcomer or two, like the lovely Gina Rodriguez. But, there were (surprisingly) quite a few standouts, too: a violet smoky eye (Lupita!), cat-eyse (Jlo), and quite a few gorgeous lips throughout the evening


Jessica Chastain

Chastain looked amazingly sexy with a plunging neckline, beautiful waves and smoky gray eyeshadow winged out past her eyebrow.


Emma Stone

The actress looked youthful wearing a jumpsuit, a silvery shimmer on the lower inner eye, and then used a black, shimmery, waterproof Chanel pencil and made a cat-eye.. Her hair deep red hair color( easy waves), which were clasped together in the back with a barette.  



Lupita Nyong'o

Ms. Nyong’o wore hair natural and looked beautiful — Great choice of choosing bright color eyeshadow courtesy of makeup artist Nick Barose



Rosamund Pike
“Architecture in hair is on the way back — it looks amazing with the fashion that’s trending right now,” says Tina Andersen, Pike’s hairstylist. “I just gave Rosamund an asymmetrical, razor-sharp bob with a secret undercut in the back and paired with smoky, sultry navy eye makeup.



Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is wearing an updo. Her Bronze, glowing skin-the result of combining three diferent foundations (one dark, one true to tone, one ultra light) was the hallmark of the star's red carpet look.


Tina Fey
The night’s cohost absolutely killed it by keeping her beauty look refreshingly simple, with lined eyes and a ponytail with major volume.


Sienna Miller

Miller looked the part of a California beach girl in the winter, beachy waves, bronze skin and pale pink lipstick.


Kerry wore black line  all around the eye, and then layered it with a shimmery, dark-gray shadow for the appearance of a shimmering liner.”


Jennifer Lopez

We love JLo over being over the top, barbie styled hair, dark eye liner makeup.


Ariana Grande and The Weeknd "Love me Harder"


Check out Ariana Grande and The Weeknd showcase their vocals in their latest hit “Love Me Harder.”

The duo’s hit song is still in the top 10 on the Billboard 100 chart...


he black and white video features Grande, who’s dressed in a sexy black dress, and a camouflage-clad The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) taking turns singing their seductive vocal parts over the simple strums of an acoustic guitar.





Ariana Grande & The Weeknd Release 'Love Me Harder' Video




Scene Stealer: Tips from a fashionista

 Fashion Files  featuring DT by Abesi Manyando


She's a fashionista, socialite and most importantly a beauty with brains and purpose. DT “Scar” Ladon is the woman that your man crush Mondays crush over.  Her beauty is effortless and she is a self-described "tom girl." She rocks a signature Marilyn Monroe-blond pixie cut  (at times) red. DT fearlessly mixes bold colors in her every-day wear. Her statement accessories are a collection of art. Whether she's sporting over-sized designer shades, one of a kind-jewelry, gold-encrusted masks or  Parisian scarves, this trendy jet-setter always leaves a memorable impression. DT's  impeccable original style is often duplicated but she says she doesn’t mind because its all a part of being the fashion trend-setter that she is. Beyond fashion and beauty, she is a confident business minded-woman  and humanist who is always quick to help other women achieve their dreams through her immense network and must-have rolodex.  As St. Louis County (ferguson) became a firestorm of racial inequality, DT put aside her style focus and made it her mission to stand up against injustice through the Mike Brown challenge, asking everyone to raise awareness against violence.  Because she is a kaliedoscope of all things beautiful  it wasn’t hard for us to choose her as one of  Beauty Within's end of the year "scene stealers." Check out her sit-down with us after this year's New York Fashion Week .


BW: Describe your style?

I'm a modern day Tom-Girl. La Perla under my boy jeans still the epitome of a Queen...I just run my shit like a king! #TomGirl


BW: what's your favorite beauty product?

People laugh at me but......Dove Soap,Vaseline and non scented hypo-allergenic baby wipes


BW: Who inspires your look

America..the freedom, the choice to be able to wake up and wear what I want is so inspirational!

BW: What designer do you think is going to rule the next year of fashion?

BALMAIN is life from here to eternity


BW: What are three items that a girl can add to take an outfit from casual to chic? 


Shoes, Lipstick and Attitude

BW: What's an inspirational quote that you live by ?


I'm blessed and highly favored walking in righteousness and consistently prospering...At all times I live by this even In my sleep

BW: Finish the sentence.  Beauty is....

Beauty is what ever makes your heartbeat faster, it's what ever makes your smile wider and for sure what ever makes happy.    



Achieving the perfect holiday look with Lature!


The holidays are finally here! In between hectic office parties and those elegant annual seasonal galas, every woman will be in search of the perfect holiday hair style.  Popular celebrity stylist, Dionne Alexander has been the premier go-to stylists for many A-listers and celebrities. With over twenty years of hair care experience and un-parallel expertise, Miss Alexander understands hair like no other stylist. She has diversified her beauty portfolio by creating the highly anticipated ultimate luxury hair care line, Lature.  From micro-cleansing shampoos to conditioners that will reconstruct your beautiful tresses, Lature has an entire product line to help women achieve versatility and opulance all year around.  Lature is our year-end must-have product for 2015. Miss Alexander sat down with Beauty Within TV to offer tips on achieving the perfect holiday hair look utilizing Lature.

  To achieve Brooke's look (pictured above) begin with a Shampoo and condition with LaTure dual micro-cleansing reconditioning system and then do the following:

  1. Prepare the hair for blow-drying with LaTure Klaimit leave-in conditioning spray and 3-4 pumps of krystal polishing gloss
  2. Aerial pre-dry the hair for 30-60 seconds to remove excess water. Then section the hair into 4 or 6 section, then tension dry each section by holding the hair away from the head at about a 45 degree angel with medium tension using the opposite hand in a up and downward motion to dry each section
  3. Once hair is completely dry flat iron the hair throughout smoothing and sealing the cuticle layer.
  4. Make a part on each side of the head from temple to crown creating a square section clip that section separating it from the remaining hair
  5. Using a medium size curling wand, take 1 inch section of the remaining hair and spray the LaTure Atmos-phere hold it spray curling the entire head pinning each curl to allow curl to set.
  6. Once that’s complete take down the top section, decide on you part direct the hair in the direction you choose, with a med curling iron spiral curl the hair away from the face. Let curls set for 10 min.
  7. Remove pins take a wide tooth comb, comb through and style



To achieve these gorgeous curly coils on Shiona, (pictured above) Dionne recommends these steps.

  1. Shampoo and condition with LaTure dual micro-cleansing reconditioning system
  2. Prepare the hair for blow-drying with LaTure Klaimit leave-in conditioning spray and 3-4 pumps of krystal polishing gloss blow-dry have with a brush leaving a little texture in the hair
  3. With a small curling wand take 1 inch sections of hair spraying each section with Atmos-phere hold it spray curl the entire head pinning each curl to set the curl.
  4. Once curls are complete apply Krystal polishing gloss to hair bend head forward taking your blow-dry brush brushing hair from back to front bushing to desired fullness. Use fingers to shape and style .

 For the woman who loves her beautiful natural style like Tarina (pictured above) Dionne says:

  1. Shampoo and condition with LaTure dual micro-cleansing reconditioning system
  2. Prepare the hair for blow-drying with LaTure Klaimit leave-in conditioning spray and 3-4 pumps of krystal polishing gloss blow-dry have with a brush leaving a little texture in the hair.
  3. Apply Krystal polishing gloss throughout the hair, begin shaping the hair with your hands using Atmos-phere hold it spray and a blow-dryer with a diffuser to achieve the desired style

Lature products are now available on

Photography are courtesy of Krystal Rene

Make-up courtesy of Meechie and Bridgett

 Follow Latue on instagram @laturehair


Get Rihanna look - metallic lipstick

Rihanna is known for her bold make-up as well as her music , and now her beauty look can be copied thanks to a make-up artist's new video.

Cosmetics expert Michelle Phan, who has a wildly popular YouTube channel, has made a step-by-step guide on using dark lipstick, liquid eyeliner and plenty of contouring to recreate Rihanna's signature look.

And she tops it off with a backwards cap and metallic accessories, proving that anyone can transform into a celebrity sexy "Bad Girl".




MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Lipstick ($16.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “warm mauve with silver frost.” It’s a muted, dark brown with copper, mauve, and silver flecks of shimmer in it. The finish is more frosted, lightly metallic. MAC Icon (DC, $16.00) is several shades lighter. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

It had mostly opaque color coverage with a lightly creamy consistency, but it didn’t apply as evenly as I’d like. It doesn’t feel gritty in the tube, despite the high shimmer content, initially or as it wears away. On me, the color lasted four hours and was neither drying nor hydrating over time. It is a Viva Glam, limited life, shade, and it is packaged in a metallic red, rubberized tube. Viva Glam is one of the best charitable causes in beauty, as every cent of the selling price goes to the MAC AIDS Fund.




7 Steps For Layering Your Outfits


Bundle up with style (winter coats)

As the weather begins to get colder, it's important to start thinking about shopping for the perfect women's coat to bundle up in. A winter coat is essential if you live in a cold climate. Your winter coat is going to be one of your bigger clothing purchases and one of most used items in your closet during the winter, so you should enjoy wearing it. Find the right outerwear  for your shape, you will look your best..

Which coat is right for your life and your style?

  1. Consider where you want to wear your winter coat most often. You may want something that is going to fit your daily activities. If every day of your week includes dressing up and going into an office, you would be better off with a classic tailored wool coat.

  2. Take a look at the latest Gareth Pugh coat ($2,427) from their Fall 2013 collection. This is a black woolen coat with leather sleeves, a high collar and a front zip closure. Gareth Pugh has received global recognition for redefining modern luxury and this radical coat will certainly set you apart from the rest this winter.

  3. We investigated what makes a warm coat warm -- tight stitching and water resistance are two key factors -- so that you could stay cozy when the temperatures plunge. Our search for the warmest winter coat are down-filled jackets.

Which coat will be most flattering on your body type?

Finding the right size is important, and most coats can be tailored a bit. You can usually have the hem shortened, the sleeves shortened or let down a bit and possibly even have darts added. But finding outerwear that is flattering is about more than just size; you will want to start with a shape that works for your figure.

  1. If you would like your coat to help you feel taller, try a women's coat that hits no lower than an inch above your knee to elongate your leg line.

  2. If you need a little help creating curves, try a belted coat. Belts will cinch in the waist, creating a feminine hourglass shape.

  3. If you're worried about looking top-heavy, consider a single-breasted coat.

  4. If you're worried about looking bottom-heavy, try an A-line coat.

  5. If you have broad shoulders or a large bust, look for a coat with a V-neck.

When you want to find the perfect women's winter coat at a discount price, look no further than, where you can find the right coat for your life and your style without spending a lot of money.


13 year old - Kyla Imani "Top of the World"




13 year old singer Kyla Imani unveils her brand new single titled ‘Top Of The World’. With all of this talent and amazing vocal ability, this youngster definitely has a bright future ahead of her. Check out her video: "Top of the World"


"Top of the World"




Bino & Fino: The Cartoon every parent needs to know about!

Bino and Fino is the groundbreaking cartoon that everyone is buzzing about.  As parents we all know that there is a definite void in diversity as it pertains to children's programming.  Adamu and Ibrahim Waziri, the creators of this popular educational cartoon are changing this.  Finally, parents have a cartoon that their children can identify with. Bino and Fino are widely popular amongst children from many different backgrounds and cultures.  Hopefully with their growing popularity, children of color everywhere will no longer fill as invisible when they watch their favorite cartoons and other children will get to learn about true African culture.  Beauty Within TV  had a chance  to talk to  Adamu and Ibrahim Waziri. See what the inspiring creators had to say about our new favorite animation!

Why is Bino and Fino important for parents and children? 


Bino and Fino is important for children and parents because it is an educational and fun show. The show is also important because it portrays a type of African family that is rarely showed in popular children’s media. 


What can children learn about Bino and Fino?


Bino and Fino are brother and sister who love to learn. They go on adventures with Zeena the magic butterfly who

 helps them learn and discover things about the world. 



 What inspired you to create Bino and Fino?



There was a lack of of a type of children's show for children in Nigeria.  Where I'm from.  All of the children's cartoons on  our television screens are imported. Plus none of them showed any characters that looked like us. The older I became I noticed it more African countries. This is a crazy situation that’s going under the radar as far as I’m concerned. I have to mention that I have nothing against foreign children’s shows. What I have a problem with is the balance.


We need to step up our game in sub Saharan Africa to make sure our children have a good choice of quality locally produced children’s media that is safe and educational. The educational element is the most important part that inspired me to be honest. Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world. I totally believe that.


The medium of cartoon shows is a powerful influencer of young minds so why not use it to an advantage? Since I had a small animation company in Abuja, Nigeria, I decided we could have some sort of impact and address the imbalance in a little way.


How do you think Bino and Fino can change the stereotypes of the western perception of Africa?


Though that’s not the main reason for doing Bino and Fino, a wonderful side effect of the show has the reaction to the show from parents who live in different parts of the world. The show has fans in the U.S. Japan, S. Korea, Brazil, Germany, Sweden , the U.K., France, Jamaica, St. Lucia and many more countries. The interesting is that the fans are not only from the Diaspora which is great and we hope this will increase with the new episodes. That is the way it should be. The cultural exchange should not be one way only but be equal ideally.


 What are some children's responses to Bino and Fino?


The great thing is that the educational component of the show is coming through. Many parents comment on what they and their children have learnt from the show. On a basic level, many children have commented in various ways about seeing characters like them on screen. They say things like “Bino looks like my brother” or “Fino is Brown like me”. Those are very powerful statements.


 What can audiences expect in the next DVD?

We’re going to mix it up more in the new episodes. There will be quite a few episodes about culture, geography and history from different African countries. Beyond that we’re going to cover general educational topics like maths, science and life lessons.


Go to for more info

and check out Bino and Fino's awesome soundtrack here :


Custo Barcelona NYFW S/S 15

Article by Laura Rickii


Custo Dalmau, is the designer behind the label Custo Barcelona. The collection was showcased Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Center.  Known for its bright colors and mixing of prints, Custo Barcelona did not fail to make the crowd excited with its upbeat music and bright hues.

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection was filled with geometric cut outs and subtle transparencies in a range of textiles, from ultra-light linens to flowy silks. Custo continued the juxtaposition of colors, prints and textiles, while introducing the geometric cut outs and openings that allowed for a sexy and seductive silhouette. Ultimately, it was the cutout detailing which stole the show. A majority of the collection was enhanced by the intricate cutwork and unique textured appliques.

The collection was super wearable for any risk taker.  Bold, bright, psychedelic looks extending from suits, dresses to swimwear for both genders, Gusto Barcelona is an international brand that will not quit.






Black Widow: Iggy Azalea new Kill Bill inspired video featuring Rita Ora


Black Widow: Iggy Azalea unveils new Kill Bill inspired video featuring Rita Ora.....For all the movement they do in this video, these femme fatales needed threads to match.


 The combined brainchild of Iggy, her stylist Alejandra Hernandez and designer Marco Marco, the suits are made of super-stretchy skintight fabric to stand up to their kung fu choreo and are meant to look, in Iggy’s words, “not like we were twins, but like maybe we were from the same kung fu training school or something.” The result is sleek, agile, and definitely dangerous.


Black Widow video featuring Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora



TGIAF! Thank-God-It’s-Almost-Fall!

Article by - Shantoel McLeod


TGIAF! Thank-God-It’s-Almost-Fall! Although I enjoy the warm, summer breeze like the next gal—fall is the nirvana of fashion season for us fashion lovers. (Bit fingers in anticipation.) And there’s nothing better to debut in the cool months ahead than romantic, shimmery mini dresses—sleek trousers and easy-to-move, punchy colored full  

The perfect blend of mystery and glamour, upcoming designer Emily Saunders fall collection of vintage-inspired dresses—reminiscent of the 80’s complete in velvet, suede and unexpected color combos that works so well—jazzy suits and demand-attention printed jackets, will add drama to any fall wardrobe. The NYC native, who received her Bachelors in Literature and her Associates in Fashion Design from the famous, Parson School of Design—launched her eponymous line, SAUNDER in 2011. I have three words for SAUNDER’s new collection… sign me up! 



Lincoln Park Music Festival Kickoff with Luke James



Attracting over 50,000 visitors yearly, the Lincoln Park Music Festival (LPMF) is a cultural ambassador and signature event in the City of Newark. LPMF is part of the economic development led by Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) in Newark, New Jersey’s historic Lincoln Park section. Dedicated to revitalizing the area, LPCCD provides this free event in celebration of the spirit of the community. The 9th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival were held from July 25th – July 27th. Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District and its partners will present programs. The Festival will include a range of entertainers performing a wide range of musical forms including Jazz, Gospel, House and Hip Hop and sounds from the African Diaspora; Youth performance showcase, green vendors, arts and craft vendors; local restaurants, organic farmers markets produce, and a health and wellness pavilion. For youth the Festival will offer games, storytelling, golf clinics, and skateboard clinics and a host of family oriented activities. Our corporate and community partners sponsor the Festival.




The night was filled with good music performed by Grammy Nominated Island Def Jam's recording artist Luke James and people socializing with a cup of D'usse in their hands.  Momma Jones from Love & Hip Hop New York also known for birthing Harlem's own rapper Jim Jones was in attendance along with 90's R&B singer Monifah to show support. A bunch of press was there as well on board to take pictures and interview Luke James after his performance as well.

Over the Weekend Lincoln Park Music Festival kicked off their 9th annual fest in Downtown Newark from Friday July 25th to Sunday July 27th with a range of entertainers blaring Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz,  House through their speakers. While also showcasing youth performers, craft vendors, and local resturants.

To stay connected with Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District feel free to check out their website Here!




Grammy Nominated Luke James LIVE performance of "Options" Vh1 Mama Jones walks on stage to fan him


Images by Tony Graves



Melissa Gorga Previews HSN Jewelry Collection

Images courtesy of Getty


On Wednesday, July 16th at the Hey Dollhouse Showroom in NYC - Melissa Gorga, of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of New Jersey previews her 24-piece Melissa Gorga Jewelry Collection includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, ranging in price from $20-$100. The collection is available now on, and will officially launch on July 28th during Melissa’s on-air HSN appearance.








Sam Smith - Stay with me (Music Review)



"Stay With Me" is a song by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith, released as the third single from his debut studio album, In the Lonely Night.  It was released in the United Kingdom as a digital download on 18 May 2014. The song was written by Smith.  The remix version features American R&B singer Mary J Blidge. It has peaked at #5 on Billboard, making it Smith's first top-five single in the United States.

The YouTube views made 30 million.. perhaps because of a combination of its lyrics and “tune”, which was actually about a one-night stand and loving it though without love and commitment in it.

Yea, nowadays, even in many parts of the world.. people could relate to such scenario.


Sam Smith- Stay with Me

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