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Melania Trump Jewelry


Choose select styles from Melania Trump’s summer jewelry collection, "Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry." The line retails from $30-$150. Donald Trump wife Melania Trump is launching line of affordable jewelry.  Even the rich and famous can enjoy a  bargain.




Miley Cyrus gone hip?

Not only did Miley Cyrus represent America with her performance of Party In The U.S.A. at the Much Music Awards in Toronto on Sunday night, she changed her look.  Miley went from Disney to Rihanna chic? Do you like this look?  I adore the boots with footless socks.  Thats a real cute trend.  The bamboo earrings were a bit much.  The short outfit is too adorable for words but does it fit her style.  I wish stylists can come up with styles that fit the person personality not always what everyone else is wearing.  I would have still used a few key pieces but changed it to still be Miley growing up but not 21 grown. Afterall she is still a teenager.


Suspenders with jeans

Remember the 90's when you loved Saved by the Bell and 90210?  Well, Tiffani Thiessen aka Kelly was the all time favorite girl on "Saved by the Bell".  As an African black woman my favorite was Lark Voohies aka Lisa and Mario Lopez aka Slater and he is still sexy.  Tiffani Thiessen aka Kelly from“Saved by the Bell” in the photo above wearing jeans and suspenders a fashion flashback that people are wearing again today.  Trends always come back,

Beyonce and Kristen Stewart tried to bring the suspenders on jeans back in style earlier this year, but it didn’t really seem to take off.  I wore shorts with suspenders.  I thought it was cute but not a big hit this season.


Ciara Denim Outfit at LaLa's Bachelorette party

Lala looked stylish and chic in her color block dress, but Ciara’s dress was youthful, exciting and yes, sexy, Ciara wore a The House of Holland x Levi’s denim buckle dress from the Spring 2010 collection which also includes jeans, tops and skirts in similar styles.  Buckles on denim will be the trend this season, replica of Michael Jackson style from the Bad Video.  He wore black buckles on his pants and jacket. Nice to see Michael Jackson influences in fashion styles today.  Denim topped the trends list for this spring and designers got a lot more creative with the material than your average jeans.

House of Holland Denim Buckle Dress, $310;


Tokyo's Fashion



Love the look of this trendy Japanese girl named Maisa in Harajuku. She’s wearing a black cotton pleated dress from H&M over black leggings.  That's right from H & M.  Its not always the name brands you wear but how you wear it.  Her black jacket has metallic studs on the shoulders and has been decorated with 3 playing cards.  The playing cards adds to the look, fun and girly.

Maisa’s accessories include a gold handbag from Louis Vuitton and black stiletto shoes from R&E. R&E is a shoe boutique in Japan.  Her cool sunglasses from G2? feature an attached silver neck chain. She’s also wearing large heart-shaped hoop earrings with dangling stars.

Shibuya 109 is probably the most popular fashion complex in Japan. Shibuya 109 building is the symbol of Shibuya district and Japanese girl’s culture. From  ages13 to 30, girls go there to shop new, hip and not-so-expensive clothes, shoes and et . The new fashion trend is always started from this big tube. Ko-gal, Ganguro-gal, loose socks, big platform boots, surfer fashion, B-kei fashion (hip hop flavored style), hair extension, Samantha Thavasa handbags and etc etc. Only one problem is there is no size variation. Everytime I try something on, Asians are built smaller so clothes fit smaller.
Well, those are popular shops in 109 and my favorite shops list. All Japanese contents, only


Great shoe and sandal.

Mother of big platform shoes.

Inspired by Hip Hop/R&B artists like. I go there to get dangling earrings sometimes.

Compare to LB-03, Shoop is little bit “reasonable”. More revealing clothes.

inexpensive club clothing and dress. For me, Tanktop and stage clothes place.

Cecil McBee
From office clothing to punk, club or date clothing. Wide selection. The place everybody goes.

Sword Fish
Not for teenagers, for over 20. Cool and trendy. It is becoming popular for ex-Kogals lately.

Hair extension and lady’s wear.

Peach John
Japanese “Victoria’s Secret”. Wide selection and wide availability for a 109 tenant.

Pinky girl
Barbie fashion. Very girly, very lovely. pink, pink, pink!

Material Girl
Pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki produced. popular, fashionable, cool but expensive! I can’t afford to buy 5900yen tank.

moussy and moussy extreme
I love their jeans! better figure than seven or paper denim&cloth. I know 10000yen is kinda too much for one pair though. still love it.







Cheerful & Vivacious H&H Jewelry for Summer!

While we certainly like some statement jewelry now and again, summertime makes us naturally want to reach for a simple and classic look.  It's time to put away the usual black "go to" getup and bring on the color! The Hazel & Harlow website has 17 designers, and counting, with amazing accessories to play up any outfit. With the help of these eye-popping, bold and mouth watering colors and palettes, your wardrobe will never go unseen! There is nothing that brings a smile to our face like fabulous accessories. Jewelry lifts our spirits.

For more visit

Deanna Gertonson

Industry Publicity

636 Broadway Suite 506

New York, NY 10012

PH: 212.571.2166

FX: 212.571.4670





Playful Plaid for Fall 2010

Plaid seems to re-emerge onto the style scene every other season or two. Plaid shirts are a simple way to throw a dose of bold pattern in the mix of an subtle outfit. The runways were lined with a variety of plaid silhouettes.  Dish Jeans puts its own playful twist  on fashion favorite for Fall 2010.  From feminine button downs to their take on classic boyfriend shirt these plaid styles pair perfectly with all the best looks of denim this season.

Monique:  The ruffles give this look a soft feminine touch.  The look is paired by Dish's Yvette pencil denim skirt gives casual but feminine touch.

Danielle Kappel

276 Fifth Avenue, Room 701
New York, NY 10001
T 212-686-7820
F 212-545-0656



Huggies Little Movers Denim Diapers

Kimberly-Clark Corporation teamed up with celebrity Mom and fashion icon Rebecca Romijn to kick off the release of the Huggies Little Movers Jeans Diapers, designed for parents looking to provide a fashionable yet stylish babies this summer.

Designer denim, meet your new clientele: babies. Huggies has released a new type of diaper for fashionable tots on the go,  Its available for a limited time only in June and July.  Its more of a try out to see how well they sell or get a bunch of people running around looking for these particular diapers.  Huggies Little Movers Jeans' feature faux pockets and belt loops.  The new fake - denim diapers still provide the same protection and the regular Huggies diapers.

Available for a limited time only in June and July,  But mommies don’t have to worry, because the company assures the consumers that the new fake-denim diapers is still effective as the regular Huggies.

Stuart Schieider, senior brand director of Huggies, said: “The design helps babies stay trendy while keeping dry with the same revolutionary design and proven leakage protection that moms have come to know and trust from the Huggies brand.”




James Pearse Sale 2010


Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj

. The Brooklyn rapper said there are underlying reasons for the recent attacks on the Young Money rapper. Every female rapper who claims she's the "best" is taking subliminal shots at the other MCs .Nicki may not be the best but she's damn sure the most popular at the moment.  Although its clean Minaj is following in Lil Kim footsteps with the often overt fashion references to Queen Bee and Barbie.  Lil Kim wore colorful wigs, provocative clothing, added bigger breasts and smaller nose.  Lil Kim hung around Biggie and Diddy camp and rapped about sex like a dude.  Nicki following wearing colorful wigs, modernized style sexy clothing, butt injections, rap with Young Money and rap about sex also like a dude.  They are really similar.

Lil Lim performed at Filmore in New York last evening with Ray J on the microphone.  Ray J made an indirect reference to Nicki Minaji stating "its alot of people biting her style". I ant saying no names, but you know who.  Lil Kim follows saying, "We love her! (speaking about Minaj).  We just want to pay homage,so we can rock together.  Basically, Lil Kim isn't doing well in record sells so she wants to rap with the popular Nicki Minaj.  Minaj probably said no to the collaboration.  Now, Lil Kim feels disrespected. Lil Kim says at the concert, It's all about respect. You respect me. I respect you. If you don't respect me then f*ck you.  Wow ! Does Lil’ Kim have a point? Does Nicki Minaj owe Lil’ Kim? Is newcomer’s appropriation of industry veteran’s style really disrespectful? Or could the borrowing of vocal technique and style be a homage within itself?  Lil’ Kim hasn’t had a hit song in five years since ‘Lighter’s up.’ Meanwhile Minaj is a new hip hop phenomenon with collaborations with some the industry’s hottest stars and a highly anticipated album. Not to mention its rumored Diddy is her new manager.  Lil Kim is the baddest rap diva but Nicki Minaj is the hottest rapper right now.  It shouldn't matter who is the best.  Why black people fight over titles.  You can't be the baddest, sexiest rapper forever.  There will be a time to give up the mike.  Lil Kim body is in shape for now but what about 10 or 20yrs from now.  Move on,  I don't see Madonna upset with Lady Gaga or Brittney Spears.  Madonna is honored to have these ladies look up to her .  It like a child wearing their mother's shoes.  Nicki Minaj admired Lil Kim or her manager transformed her into Lil Kim modernized.  I can say, I would like to see them collaborate together.  It should be hottest.  Come come strong black sisters, make history!

What Nicki Minaj tweeted



Influenced by the unpredictable rhymes of Missy Elliot along with the sexually charged attitudes of Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown, Jamaica, Queens, native Nicki Minaj was discovered thanks to her {/MySpace} page. It was there that Dirty Money Entertainment CEO Fendi first heard her ability to freestyle and first laid eyes on her steamy set of promo shots. With killer curves she was obviously proud to flaunt plus a background in the performing arts thanks to the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music.




Jeggings (Denim Leggings)

Jeggings lovers unite. What are jeggings? Jeggings are half jeans and half leggings. This doesn't mean literally half in half but the fabric is stretchy like leggings.  They look like skinny jeans, but  they're much more comfortable. I like wearing my leggings with a top and blazer for a more polished look, and with flip-flops and a tee when on a hot summer day.  You don't have to worry about ironing or dry cleaning denim leggins.  They are quick, easy and stylish trend for this season.

The jegging trend is a popular trend everywhere that is both fashion forward and comfortable. I tried on a few and love the way they fit.  Beauty Within TV favorite jeggings selection is from the Gap, Top Shop, Asos, Bloomingdales ,Nordstrom and If you are looking for premium 'jegging' style jeans one of BW favorites is Superfine scribble leggings is a fabulously soft and stretchy pair in Sienna brown with quilting at front and stitching at back pockets. Another favorite Citizens of Humanity black pair. look for Rayon and Cupro in the fibre content, and you'll find the softest, stretchiest jeans you've ever worn.  Getting ready for fall and winter, you can wear jeggings with boots.

Zoe Saldana wearing jeggins

Beyonce in jeggins


Frankie B jeggings $105

1. Rag and Bone $240 2. Helmut Lang $195 3. Top Shop $95

William Rast $195

1. Superfine Sienna Brown 2. J Brand $ 139 3. Charley 5.0 $156


Gap Jeggins $69.50

1. Citizens of Humanity $161 2. True Religion $167


Rich and Skinny $147.00

More information shop


Lady Gaga new video "Alejandro"

This video is a tribute to Madonna in the 90's.  Lady Gaga in platinum blond  bobbed hair style frolicking around in underwear ( soo Madonna), men dancing around reminds me of Express Yourself, Vogue and Erotica. Lady Gaga being a Catholic  also like Madonna wearing a priest robe and putting rosemary beads in her mouth, Madonna in" Like a Prayer" video but instead put rosemary beads on a black man feet.  Remember that was the actor Leon from "Five Heartbeats"


Karate Kid Movie Premiere Red Carpet


Smith's Red Carpet at Karate Kid movie premiere



Will Smith, Jada, Willow, Jaden, Jackie Chan, Trey Smith

At the LA premiere Jada was tanned bronzed and looking ever lovely. Her bronze glow was matched by her Bronze dress by Rafael Cennamo Fall 2010 along with gold shoes.  The strapless pleated short leather dress was also paired with bronze Pierre Hardy Geometric platform sandals.  Jada looked stunning but it was too one- tone and could have another color instead of all gold.  It was very Austin Powers. Jaden was clearly inspired by Michael Jackson, whilst Willow embraced every animal print she could find.  I like Willow look but would have chose a leopard skirt for a more girly look.



Jada and Willow




Red Carpet at CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood


Laura Bell Bundy


Taylor Swift


Julianne Hough


Nicole"Snookie" Polizzi"


Hayden Panettiere


Erin Andrews and Maksim

Pictures provided by WireImage




Diddy new group "Dirty Money"

Dawn Richards one of the chosen finalist from the reality show, Making the Band, spoke about a new group she formed with Diddy himself called "Dirty Money".  Since Danity Kane didn't work out Dawn formed with Diddy and added a member calling the group" Dirty Money".  The other member name is Keelena and wrote for various artists. Diddy growing up listening to Soul to Soul and Loose Ends involving two women and a guy, is what Dirty Money group symbolizes, two divas and Diddy.

The "Last Train to Paris" album is scheduled to releave November 24th described as electro, hip-hop, funk soul.



photos provided by WireImage