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Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts and Tory Burch all wear Sevan this Fall!

This Fall, celebrities in film, fashion and music will be donning one-of-a-kind carved creations by Turkish jeweler extraordinaire, SEVAN BICAKCI (pronounced sevAHN)Julia Roberts can be seen wearing a handmade angel necklace by the designer on this month's cover of ELLE (also seen again on pg. 481). This cover is one of six covers that were shot, styled, and printed in conjunction with the release of Roberts' new hit movie, Eat, Pray, Love. Additional Sevan fans include Princess of Pop, Lady Gaga, who is wearing Sevan's one-of-a-kind starfish sea pearl ring in VANITY FAIR.  Lastly, please see fervent Sevan supporter, Tory Burch, showcasing her favorite Sevan ring in the September issue of TOWN AND COUNTRY.

Born and raised in Turkey, one of a kind jewelry designer  has been a bench jeweler for the last twenty years.  Each ring takes up to one year to produce and all jewelry is handcrafted only.  Sevan’s creations are profound and unique. Each one is handcrafted from 24K, 18K yellow and rose gold, sterling silver with uniquely cut gemstones and antique cut diamonds that are inspired by the Blue Mosque from 17th century, the 6th century Hagia Sophia Church, the Topkapi Palace from 15th century and many childhood memories.


These are some of Beauty Within TV other favorite picks from Sevan, for more information


Beyonce's Edge

Beyonce has a brand new Dereon ad and she's tapping into her edgy Sasha look again. Beyonce has been stuck on the glitz n glamour ,that is overdone. Yeah, she is beautiful but she only has one look.  Did Lady Gaga inspired Beyonce to change to a more edgy look. We are tired of the long flowing blond locks.   The year to come has many edgy looks to offer, many extreme looks to go for.  Be prepared for 2010 and get a new haircut.  Find out what are the trends to follow and freshen up your look. It is essential to get the latest haircut, if you want to stay in fashion. It's the most simple way to maintain a stylish appearance and an ultramodern look.  For more information on new hair trends (black women styles) and (styles for everyone)


"G-shock the World" featuring Ke$ha

Last night, Casio G-Shock's Shock The World Tour 2010  hit New York City at Manhattan Center on 34th Street. It's basically a world tour party places such as New York, Paris, Japan, Hong Kong, Berlin, Barcelona, San Paulo, London, Sinapore and also to celebrate the launch of new G-Shock models, The new models are Casio "Edifice"  multi-functional metal with its advanced technology, speed and design for intelligent men with style.  Prices from $150 and up.  G-shock also includes new mirror dialed collection with funky colors.  The most popular discussed watch of the night was Gx56.  This watch is the biggest and strongest which contains agel (a soft silicone gel material with outstanding shock-absorbent characteristics) You can drop an egg on the watch and it won't crack. Wow, sounds amazing! Beauty Within pick of the list.

This year Brand Ambassador of  Baby G is Ke$ha. She matches her blue lipstick to her Baby-G watches. The 23-year-old singer has previously described her style as 'garbage-chic' and she was certainly sticking to her look onstage at the Manhattan Centre, where she performed some of her hits.

Covered in glitter and with a Kiss-style blue star painted over her right eye, the Californian girl and pal of Katy Perry sported fishnets, gold hot pants and a man's Van Halen tour vest in a kind of punk-meets-glam-rock get-up.


G-shock Red Carpet

Tyson Beckford and Bryan Greenberg

Killoren Benison

Jake Pavelka

Skateboarder Stevie Williams

Inside G-shock Event

Wendy Williams partying with G-shock

Chloe Kardarshian and Lamar Odem


more information about G-shock and Baby G watches to purchase


Southampton Inn Soiree with Jewelry Designer Mimi's Child

Beauty Within TV saw an exclusive preview of Mimi’s Child jewelry by Jean Dalva.  Dalva’s collection was amazing including semi-precious stones, turquoise, pearls, garnet, agate and carnelian. Mimi's Child jewelry is skillfully crafted and handmade with intricate detail and exceptional quality to provide a truly unique one of kind timeless pieces. There was an wide variety of custom Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets that can accentuate any individual style! Afterwards had lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day by the poolside.  The event was held at Southampton Inn, which is a hotel and is near shopping, entertainment, dining, world-class beaches and cultural attractions.Had a wonderful time!

Dede Gotthelf, Southampton Inn's owner and Mimi’s Child jewelry by Jean Dalva.


More Mimi's Child pieces

Designer of Mimi's Child jewelry Jean Dalva and love one's

Jewelry Designer Mimi's Child Jean Dalva and owner of Southampton Inn Dede Gotthelf,

Southampton Inn pool

For more information about Southampton Inn and the jewelry by appointment or




Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge at Hamptons 2010

This summer's matches promise to be some of the most exciting in the sport of polo. The sport's greatest athletes will compete for one of polo's most treasured prizes. Returning as well will be some of the East End's most high-profile and influential audience of V.I.P's, celebrities and media.

This season partners include: Mercedes-Benz, SWAGG, Blue Star Jets, Ralph Lauren, Patron, La Societe Stella Artois, Smart Water, Pop Chips, Coca-Cola, Bertaud Belieu Wines, Jarlsberg® cheese, Zino Platinum Cigars, Crumbs Cupcakes and Bakery, Financial Times, Susan Foster Jewelry and Hamptons Magazine

SWAGG, a mobile application to be released during the 2010 holiday season, will allow consumers to purchase, exchange and redeem gift cards from their phone. SWAGG will celebrate the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge by creating the SWAGG Lounge. Guests will have the opportunity to preview the highly anticipated SWAGG application while mixing it up with friends in a custom-tented environment, complete with their own bar and an array of celebrity DJ's all summer.

The 2010 season will commence on Saturday, July 24th and will continue for six consecutive Saturdays, ending August 28th. A portion of the proceeds from the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge will go to the South Fork Breast Health Coalition.

Bethenny Frankel

guest and Kourtney Kardashian

Bethenny Frankel, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

Bethenny Frankel, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian


International Sensation Nenna Yvonne

Growing up in Nigeria, music was always an integral part of Nenna Yvonne’s life.  Her career took off with over 3 million website views, 2.5 million myspace songs plays and triggering songs on radio stations across the nation such as Sirius Satellite, Hot 97 and 107.9. Her smash out hit singles includes ‘Some Girls’ and Model Citizen that has gained nationwide attention on MTV hit reality shows such as “The City’ and “The Hills”. Nenna Yvonne caught the attention of industry insiders including Bill Werde VP editor –in- chief of Bill board magazine and Russell Simmons. Her creative sparks began to fly as Nenna Yvonne dance-flavored production allows her to express her drive, energy and attitude…and of course, let loose with her incredible vocals.

With her infectious enthusiasm, sparkling energy and stunning vocal ability, Nenna is on the way to becoming one of music’s biggest new names. For more information visit myspace vote her very popular hit song “Some Girls”, as the winning song for this years Rock the Space Competition. Vote for Nenna Yvonne



Selita Eubanks Shimmers in Gold at the Target Opening in East Harlem

Target store opening in East Harlem with star studded celebs and style.  The beautiful Selita Eubanks wearing  Sir Alistair Rai's sequin caftan and a gold braided necklace by Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry which was a paparazzi favorite. The piece is available on retails for $39.00.   Melania spring collection is currently available at and retails for $40-$150.  The fall 2010 collection will be available this September exclusively on QVC.


Africa Fashion Week Johannesburg


Twilight Star "Ashley Green" summer style

Twilight star Ashley Greene shows us a style vixen's winning combination with the perfect flirtacious but yet casual look,; wearing light blue buttoned down shirt, denim shorts and a eye catching pendant.  Steal Ashley's look and embody her harmonious appeal with Hazel & Harlow's look alike Swallow Pendant for just $65 dollars (



Nicki Minaj Booty Trend

The topic of Butt Injections has become very popular in recent years mainly because many celebs have gone through the procedure. Most have opted to have injections since it’s less invasive than butt implants. Don’t know why people talk about Nicki Minaj,she has butt implants. People get breast implants and gain media exposure and are adored by their fans. Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton became popular for having fake large breast. For years Strippers and celebs pay to gain larger breast for entertaining. They received more press and men adored them fake or not. Female Hip Hop artist Nicki Minaj has spoken about her assets’ recently on MTV. Rumors have been flying that the Massive Attack video stars had booty injections to enhance her already famous booty. Fake rear or not, other celebs will follow the Big Booty trend. They cost about $500 per butt cheek at most Dr. Offices.





Arrivals Chanel 2011 Collection

Chanel by Karl Lagerfield Ready to Wear show as part of the Paris Womenswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. The arrivals are dressed to impress at the Chanel Fashion Show. This year adorable: Jessica Alba sits front row at the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010-2011 and: Leighton Meester poses before theChanel Haute.



Neon Eye Shadow at Vivienne Westwood Paris 2011

Vivienne Westbrook showcased her Spring/Summer 2011 Anglomania collection yesterday in Paris.  The make up referencing the punk roots upon which her career  was built.  Haute couture shows showing in Paris all next week.   I don't like the color different on each eye, hoping it won't be a trend.  That fashion and beauty, trying something unusual, people will follow.


Bling Your Nails with Minx

I went to the nail salon and the manicurist wore this gold chrome color on her feet.  I asked for the color, she was wearing.  The manicurist told me it was minx.  I didn't know what that was. The manicurist said; Minx is the latest trend in celebrity nails.  A flexible polymer that is heated then applied to nails, like a sticker, they are mess free, green alternative to nail polish and fake tips.  This is better than tips, dislike dealing with glue and artificial fingernails  They've been popping up at red carpet events, in music videos and on the runways. Celebrity manicurists love Minx for the fashion forward designs and easy to use.

Chrome Minx – Forget trying to get that perfect mirror finish with a chrome/metallic nail polish. This is what I wanted to use at first chrome/metallic polish. But found  It’s NEVER going to happen. Well never say never but you know what I mean. Minx Silver and Golden Lightening is the only way to get a true chrome look on nails without going the fake/press on route.


To Try this at Home Application:

What makes Minx different from the nail stickers you can buy in the store is the material and the adhesive. I don’t know about any of you but I’ve tried the Avon and Incoco versions and could never get them to stick or lay properly. Plus, they just looked cheap. Minx is definitely a higher end product.

Application – A basic manicure is performed before application and the nail plate must be cleaned of all oils and residue. The coatings are heated under a lamp or hair dryer to make them flexible and warm the adhesive. The tech then lines up the rounded edge with the cuticle and, while lightly dragging, presses the coating onto the nail. You can use a hair dryer, after applying, to help the coatings seal onto my nails, like shrink wrap, before using the Minx glass nail file to remove the excess.


Finished product

Minx can be purchased on Ebay

or New York you can purchase the materials at  Spa Chicks on the Go 212-252-5471  email 16 West 23rd street, 4th floor

New York City 10010 to get Minx done in New York City go to Bliss in Soho.

Bliss Soho


568 Broadway, 2nd floor

New York City, 10012


Kim Kardashian Wax Figure Unveiling At Madame Tussauds

Kim Kardashian Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds. As if Kim Kardashian needs another reason to turn heads! What do you think?





Fergie at FIFA World Cup in Style.


Fergie and her fellow Black Eyed Peas band members were in Johannesburg, South Africa, preparing for their FIFA World Cup Kick-off Celebration performance. The Grammy Award winning singer wears Iso from her 2010 Fergie shoe collection. It’s a must have for the summer season, comfortable and stylish. The Iso currently on sale for $51.75, available for purchase at