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Unique & Fun ways to Keep Fit - Trampoline at Jumplife

JumpLife is the first known studio in the world that is dedicated solely to trampoline fitness classes. The studio offers a variety of classes, Jump Dance, Jump Gym, Jump Fusion and Jump Kids. Jump Life in New York City’s newest exercise trend with a top 40 soundtrack and flashing lights. 

The JumpLife JumpDance class is in the dark.

The mini-tramp has a stabilizing bar that you can grab for balance if you’re feeling wobbly. And if you’re going to wear anything – wear neon! The room is lit up by black lighting, disco balls and lasers.

The heart-pounding cardio classes burn an average of 500 calories.


Looking to party the night away without all the calories? Jump into Jumplife, the trampoline-centric workout that'll make you feel like you danced the night away..


5 Techniques to get you prepared for the future of SEO

Techniques You Need to Know to Prepare you for the Future of Seo 

Change is inevitable and apart of our everyday evolution to become better, smarter individuals in our society.  The forever changing internet world is no different than the world in which we live and is subject to rules that will never change such as gravity, our need for oxygen, and water. Search Engines have been updated with new algorithms to safe guard spam and help people to find exactly what they are looking for online quicker and easier.  No one knows what the future is, but there are certain Techniques that will still apply in SEO that will reign supreme in the coming years over the outdated techniques that will become obsolete in the upcoming algorithm updates. 

After working with hundreds of customers, building their brand, social media presence, and optimizing their website content, our Tech contributor, Gerald Long II CEO of AdsManagerPro has created a list of 5 Techniques that he believes will still determine your rank in search engines in 10 years or more. 

1. Super Content 
    Its called Super Content cause its supposed to be high quality and stronger than normal content than most people post on similar subjects. You want to make sure you content is engaging and offers learning material for your readers so they can grow with your business and learn from you.  You’ll get more visitors and (CTR) click through rate will be higher with higher quality content. If running running ads on your website this will generate more revenue.

    The SEO reason for Super Content is you need it to rank higher in the search engines based on clicks, searches, shares, and overall engagement with your content. The more people who engage with your content the higher it will rank regardless of how many black hat seo tricks they use one spam sites you will over come them in the algorithm changes, and its best not to focus solely on getting to the number 1 search rank slot but for you to make sure your content is searchable and delivers high quality content to your customers to build loyal customer base. 

2. Keywords
    Without being descriptive enough about your content and what its about will lead Super Content to being overlooked by your customers. There are better descriptive words that can be used to drive more search traffic and return visitors to your website.  When your building your website make sure you use the best keyword to describe the url link so that search engines will display your website in searches.  The keywords used in the content can also have a great impact on your CTR and drive more traffic to your website.
Using the wrong keywords will do the opposite, and bury your website urls and blog posts under the spam sites where no one can find them in the searches.  If this happens you’ll waste more money trying to build your SEO and your website will become ineffective in searches. 
3. Optimize Website 
    Websites have the same principals as a textbook of information in which there are table of contents, foreword, chapters, sections, and appendix sections to help people find what they want to read in the book better. To optimize your website build it like a textbook, and create a sitemap (table of contents) which labels all the pages (chapters) links and contents (sections) for people to easily navigate the website. Search Engine crawlers is what search engines like Google use to find content and determine what’s on a website to optimize the search. It will read your website like a table of contents and rank it based on engagement and clicks/shares to determine if the information is important to its readers before the post search results.  Make sure your url are in order on a sitemap and organize your website so you can gain more visitors and traffic leading to sales. 

4. Social Media Presence 
    It should be obvious but if you don’t have a social media presence your not going to have anyway to share your Super Content to. Your website needs an audience, just like a movie release needs moviegoers. Try to research and learn more about which social media services will help your business the most before you build your social media platform, but optimize it by adding your website link (back linking) back to your website which will create social media traffic. Each followers or like you receive can see your future posts about your content and decide to click to learn more about your business. Services like AdsManagerPro can help you grow your social media presence so that your rank will rise based on CTR and engagement.  People tend to trust services with higher follower rates or at least social media platforms with high engagement. You don’t want to lose business, because your social media account looks brand new or unprofessional. 

5. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics
    Google Offers Free tools to help businesses, brands, and individuals build better websites using keyword search, term search, and many more SEO tools.  Keyword Research will help you find the best words to use in your blog posts, or content used on your website which will build your search rank higher.  Using Google Analytics will help you with choosing demographics for who to target your SEM when you incorporate paid advertisements into your SEO strategy. If a lot of your traffic is coming from a different area then intended you can make adjustments with your social media campaign to grow customers in the areas you actually want business. Its also helpful in keeping up with the CTR and return visitor traffic and also how long they are visiting your pages for to learn ways to keep them engaged longer.

    It’s a lot of work to keep your SEO rank high on search engines when algorithms change every few months. Utilizing these 5 Techniques will put you ahead of the spam killing updates and allow your site to benefit from the updates instead of suffer. If you have trouble with building your Social Media presence or SEO for your website reach out to to gain expert assistance and also check out their blog for tips on specific SEO topics that may help you in your DIY webmaster project.

-Abesi Manyando


Dreamworks' "Home" arrives just in time for the summer!

Packed with an hour of hit music and fun dancing, Home is now available on DVD, Digital HD and Blu-Ray.
The summer is always a time when most moms have to be extra creative to keep the kids entertained while they continue to learn during break. Incorporating your child's favorite movies or shows into fun assignments and projects is always a plus!  For all the kids that couldn't get enough of the blockbuster movie Home, Dreamworks/Fox has released a special deleted scene and a home party edition filled with exercises. The smart and funny animation (starring Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez)  is now available on DVD July 28 and Digital HD at  There are loads of special features to keep the kids entertained and learning.  You can check out the trials and tribulations of the Boov on their journey across the galaxy. Oh's party planning tips helps you create a Boov bash of your own and Animator, Andy Erekson introduces you to the Home character  drawing tutorials that your creative child will enjoy. You can even create your own Home Q and A with flashcards. A color quiz such as: what color is Tips jacket or what two colors does the Boov wear in the film will keep your children's minds occupied during this hot summer. 
Here's a clip of a never before-seen VIDEO:
Description: In this deleted scene from HOME, Oh (Jim Parsons) wants to run away from the problems that he created, but Tip (Rihanna) has a different idea.
-written by Abesi Manyando

Coca-Cola removes logo to encourage people not to judge each other

Coke has removed the logos from its packaging in the Middle East to encourage people not to judge each other


Coke wants to encourage people not to judge one another based on their appearance.


coke labels writing

The group members are then asked to reach under their chairs, where they pull out the Coke cans and their "Labels for cans" messaging.


In a statement, Coca-Cola explains the thinking behind the campaign: "In a time when equality and abolishing prejudices is a hot topic for discussion around the world, how does one of the leading brands like Coca-Cola join in the conversation? In the Middle East, during the month of Ramadan, one of the world's most well-known labels has removed its own label, off its cans, in an effort to promote a world without labels and prejudices."

The Middle East campaign ties in with Coke's global "Let's take an extra second" push, which encourages people to forget stereotypes and take the time to get to know people better.


Eastside Boobie overcomes the struggle with "Had to"

Who says you can't get a second chance at life?  Hip Hop artist, Antonio Taylor who is better known as Eastside Boobie  is getting just that after experiencing all the hard knocks of growing up on the Eastside of Louisville.  Raised from the concrete of the Clarksdale Projects, Boobie always had a bigger dream than what Louisville could contain.  Despite the fact that he had a troublesome childhood he never lost sight of the bigger picture. After making a few wrong decisions that took him off his path, Boobie is now trying to show other young kids from the streets that they can rise despite their obstacles. "Im out here grinding and trying to make it cause I have to.  There is no other option or path for me, says Boobie  "Im really focused and learning from the mistakes that I've made being .  in the streets Ive lost friends in the game and I know what future I want and don't want.  I'm still affected by my friend Arlin White who got killed and I hope I can show people a different path.  Boobie's close friend, Whisper also got shot and is now permantely blind. "I've seen it all and I just want to be in a position to allow my music to take care of the people I love and care about. I want others to see there's more to life than the difficult times we experience." Boobie  is putting Louisville on the music map with his popular song "Had to"  featuring Ice WearVezzo.  "I was dealt with these cards for a reason and I'm going to make it anyway."     


SEO vs SEM? Which benefits your small business more.

So you have a small business but are not sure how to drive traffic to your website and business.  You probably aren't a techie and overlooked smart guys so you don't have someone you can call up to explain the difference between SEO vs. SEM but you need to know which benefits your business more. Well top SEO Specialist, Gerald Long ll is here to help and answer your question.


Which could Benefit your Small Business More? SEO or SEM?

SEO (search engine optimization) is similar to SEM (search engine marketing) in respect to how they help your business, but both have very different strategies in approach to how they are used to grow your business. 

In SEO we focus on driving organic traffic to your search results, whereas SEM is paid search result traffic from the search engines. Theres several debates on which is best for your business and I’ll explain a few differences and how they can differ in your marketing goals.

Both are good for attracting customers. SEO focuses on what the Search Engines are looking for to be inlined with their search results, Google and Bing focus on delivering results with TOP quality content with easy to navigate sites for quality search users.
SEM is more of a focus on quick paid advertisments and bidding on keywords in the search to help traffic find their way to your website.

When your business is utilizing both of these strategies simultaneously you find the best results, but there are still things to watch out for as a small business using either strategy.

TIP # 1 for SEO

The Google search engines and competitiors change their algorithms (which are the calculations that drive the engine) constantly causing SEO strategies not to perform as well. Throughout time you have to continuously adjust your strategy to make your page have high rank, and waiting too long to keep up with these changes, your page will fall 4-5 pages or more behind the competition.

TIP # 2  for SEM

The keyword Advertisements are constantly being sold to the highest bidder, and depending on current events certain days your bidding can be to low to gain traffic, or worse raise your lowest bids to a price non cost effective for your business costing you unexpected expenses which could damage your marketing budget. These price movements need to be monitored at all times to ensure your getting the best effective search results, and bidding price to keep your page in way of traffic.

SEO vs. SEM whichever you choose to use has to be balanced for the best results, and understanding how they both work will help in deciding which is best for the growth of your small business.




Girl band to watch out for - Haim

Haim is an American pop rock band from Los AngelesCalifornia. The band consists of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, and drummer Dash Hutton. The group's pop sound on their studio work stands in contrast to the more rock-based music of their live shows.



The sisters grew up in a musical family, and began playing instruments from an early age in cover bands with their parents. They began performing as Haim in 2007, but did not seriously consider a professional career for some years. 

Haim have been a staple of the local indie­-music circuit for years, sharing bills with California rockers like Jenny Lewis and Dawes; opening for Florence and the Machine and Mumford; collaborating with Major Lazer, Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino.


Haim video: Forever

The sisters, Este, danielle, and Alana are gorgeous.  Danielle actually leads a guitar to Julian Casablancas' band and she also does her own. acoustic folk type deal. These gals ought to be on your radar they're doing some cool stuff "beauty within".


Dr Neha Patha researched urine test for HPV works well



Dr Neha Pathak led a team of researchers who discovered that many strains of HPV (the Human Papillomavirus which has been prove to lead to cervical cancer) can be discovered through a simple urine test. Currently 900 women a year die in the UK from cervical cancer. Her breakthrough research means that more women will opt in to regular testing, reducing the mortality rate. She was the rightful winner of Cosmopolitans ‘Ultimate Game-changer’ at their Women’s Awards 2014. Her work has also helped encourage more women to pursue science as a career.

A simple urine test can routinely spot human papillomavirus (HPV), which is linked to the risk of cervical cancer, a new analysis found.

"Our study shows that testing urine for HPV has good accuracy when compared to testing samples taken from the cervix for HPV," said lead researcher Dr. Neha Pathak. She is a resident in obstetrics and gynecology and research fellow at Queen Mary University of London, England.

The test could be done at home, and then interpreted by medical professionals, Pathak added.


Nicki Minaj wears Idan Cohen on the cover of Cosmo magazine

Nicki Minaj wears Idan Cohen on the cover of Cosmo magazine



Nicki Minaj wears a sparkling, embellished bodysuit by designer Idan Cohen for the cover of CosmopolitanMagazine's July issue, which was just releashed this past weekend. 

Designer Idan Cohen , based in Israel, showed his collection for the first time on a major runway at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week this past February, 2015 - presenting a Fall/Winter collection of high-end eveningwear in the Pavilion venue at Lincoln Center. The designer, known for his highly coveted Bridal and Eveningwear Boutique in Tel Aviv, is currently expanding internationally and putting a strong focus on the US market. 
Below is an image of the bodysuit originally shown at NYFW (photo credit: Randy Brooke):



Sizzling Summer Tips from Silas the Stylist

Hello my Baby Boos it it's me your favorite celebrities favorite stylist, Silas the Stylist taking over Beauty Within TV New York's pages. Well lets get to it! Memorial day is here and it is that time again..summer time!  We all know that there is nothing wrong with being fashionably late, but with summer here you may want to consider being a little early.  This summer it is all about denim. Denim in all colors, textures distressed or not. (and who doesn't love a great piece of denim) 


Summer 2015 has really raised the bar in the fashion game  and if you wanna get a step up you may wanna grab yourself a pair of platforms. With a wide array of styles for men and women (yes men) you can’t go wrong . Ladies there are platform wedges and heels on the market awaiting  you, and fellas the platform sneakers are clearly eye catchers and not typically what you would think when you hear platform shoe from major designers like Versace, Prada and the popular “camper” sneaker the  hong kong inspired new school has been showing up and showing out. What better way to make a statement  this summer with a new look.

Be sure you have the essential pieces of 2015 to insure your summer wardrobe  is on point, heres a few tips to help you out so pay attention.

Floral patterns are the prints this year so ithere is nothing wrong with getting your miami vice on.

Fellas listen up!!!!! this year is all about the Cabana shirt also known as the Cuban Collar, the funky selection of prints and tones should make it easy to effortlessly look your best.  the color that you can never go wrong with is White White White…. be sure to stay stocked up on all tones and shades because you'll be needing them this summer

 2015 is a year of color extremes from subtle to bold. Some may prefer light hues and undertones of class and by bad chicas are going for the  bold color blocking as seen on Kerry Washington, Beyonce J lo and more.

Plus pay attention the old school is creeping its way back. 2015 fashion is all about the throwback looks so out with the new and in with the oldlight weight fabrics not only keep you cooler but it also keeps you comfortable and chic.  Since I am Silas the Sylist I cant leave my baby boos  without giving you some hair tips.  I know you're all trying to be fly for the memorial day shenanighans. Half of you are probably in Miami and the real bosses are probably chilling at home plotting their next takeover moves.  where ever you are, I have your last minute tips.

For the ladies dealing with a last minute hair crisis here are a few tips to help you make it through the upcoming heat and drastic hair conditions.

Short hair and pixie cuts are at an all time high and perfect for the woman looking for a new edgy doo

if you have longer tresses that you cant get under control use fabric softener sheets for static  stricken hair simply rub them through your hair and go

for  fly aways and dryness use a little amount of moroccan argan oil before styling

be sure to wrap your hair in a bonnet or silk scarf when in the gym or performing task that may cause heavy sweating , this prevents you from sweating out your style and preserving a fresh style

for the guys the the new age of fades are in full affect and for the get up an go guy try the sponge look ,  its becoming quite the trend.  Stay safe and cool. Thank you Abesi and Anissa for having me contribut- love the ever so fabulous...Silas the stylist.  Fins me on twitter and IG @silasthestylist


WE tv’s Cutting it in the ATL stars hope to inspire women to succeed

 Mushiya Tshikuka and Maja Sly are using their platform to elevate and inspire.

by Abesi Manyando

 This coming Thursday, WE TV is introducing a set of beautiful working women climbing the ladder of success through their own efforts. Mushiya, Maja, Beautii, LaKenya and Dedra star in “Cutting It: In the ATL.”  The show follows the headstrong stylists as they compete to bring in the most business and dominate the Atlanta hair game. I had the opportunity to sit down with Mushiya and Maja at the press luncheon for Cutting It hosted by the PR geniuses at 135st agency,  Saptosa Foster and Vaughn Alvarez.

If I said that the women were quite candid that would be an understatement.  These five succesful women are  strong minded, independent and ready to take the crown in Atlanta's lucrative hair industry.  They are also very clear to remind everyone that they are working women who found success through their own terms-not from men.

“We’re not just housewives,” begins Congolese natural hair stylist Mushiya Tshikuka the owner of The Damn Salon.  "That’s what makes us different. We’re smart business women making a living and providing opportunities for others.  I came to this country with a dream and I am working for my dream," says Mushiya

 Maja Sly who  seized the Atl market with her $50 Walk in Weave shop agrees. Maja changed the extension game in  Atlanta with her affordable price point. In the first episode, Maja’s pricing is the center of debate amongst other stylists who think she is depreciating the hair market. Nevertheless her businesses nearly grossed 1.5 million dollars last year and Maja wants to continue to elevate her empire with the help of other stylists. 

 “I became very focused after going through a painful divorce and I set my mind to becoming successful. It was a very difficult thing that I went through. I really hope that women will learn to not give up from my journey.  Challenges exist for us to overcome and grow,” says Maja. "We always have to learn to keep climbing and stay strong no matter what."

 Like Maja,Mushiya hopes to revolutionize the hair industry with a fierce natural hair movement.  “I want to revert women to loving themselves as they are.  There’s nothing wrong with our hair textures as black women.  We’ve been so conditioned to believe in an ideal that doesn’t accept us as beautiful without compromise so my goal is to make women love themselves and their blackness without apologies.  I’m excited that people will be able to see someone like me, with my beautiful dark skin and natural hair embracing all I am.  Through “Cuttin It in the ATL” I hope to break barriers and inspire women to let go of all the criticism that has been dumped on them so they can see all the beauty that the truly possess as black women. 

Cuttin’ it in the ATl premieres this Thursday May 21st at 10/9 Eastern time. Take a sneak peek here:

Abesi Manyando



Summer Hair Trends with Eye for Design Hair Extensions

Summer is finally here so it’s time to leave your old winter style in the cold and bring in the heat with a fabulous fresh summer hair style wearing Eye for Design's virgin remy human hair extensions! They are the best way to add volume and length to your hair to achieve help you these fabulous looks.



Curl the hair in one-inch sections all over with a curling iron. Once the curls have cooled, separate them with a paddle brush, then teased the roots for volume. The front side sweep gives it a modern and sleek edge.

Photographer: Aj Day Photography

Hair extensions: Eye for Design, Brazilian Body wave 22” Clip-ins (

Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery


To achieve this look curl one-inch sections of hair with a curling iron then roll them in a forward direction. Pull out the curls using a round brush and a blow-dryer. Part your hair and hold it in place with barrettes along the hairline. Hairspray the waves and use shine serum at the ends to create separation. The ends should be a little loose to create a soft and effortless look.

Photographer: Aj Day Photography

Hair extensions: Eye for Design, European Clip-ins 14” color #18

Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery  


Create a classic and clean top bun. Carefully pull out the outer sections of the top of the bun. Dampen the hair with sea salt spray then use your fingers to twist sections while blow drying at the same time. Wrap the hair around a half-inch curling iron, pick random sections for a more tousled appeal. To finish the look chose random bits and twist and pull the curls out loosely to create a more undone texture.

Photographer: Aj Day Photography

Hair extensions: Eye for Design, European Clip-ins 14” color #18

Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery


Use a half-inch curling iron to wind 1 inch sections. Curl in alternating directions. Then use pin curls to set the style. To add a final touch of “disheveled elegance” brush out the curls with a large paddle brush and then back comb parts of the hair with a  wide-toothed comb


Photographer: Aj Day Photography

Hair extensions: Eye for Design, Brazilian Body wave 22” Clip-ins

Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery



Created loose waves with a large 1.5” curling iron. Curl the hair section by section in the same direction. Brush out the curls into a uniformed wave.

Photographer: Aj Day Photography

Hair extensions: Eye for Design, European Clip-ins 22” color #3

Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery



The Fifth Annual Haiti Cherie Awards

By Mitchell Acks
The Fifth Annual HAITI CHERIE AWARDS gala was held at the Broad Street Ballroom, a former bank, located at 41 Broad Street, Manhattan, on March 27.
The organization honored Andre Berto, Karen Civil, Harriet Michel and Dr. William Pape. The Gala honorees are people engaged in making a difference in Haiti’s culture and development.
They honored Andre Berto, has a long distinguished career in boxing with 30 wins of which 22 by knockout and only three losses. He has held many boxing championships and awards such as holding the welterweight championship, bronze medal in the 2003 World Amateur Championship, a two-time National Golden Gloves champion, a two-time National PAL champion, a three-time U.S. amateur championship medalist, and also won 22 state titles in Florida. 
Besides boxing Andre is involved with the Project Medishare that help raise funds for Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port Au Prince. This is the only trauma, critical care and rehabilitation in Haiti. Others like International Amateur Boxing Association were moved by working with the IOC on their Haiti Sport for Hope Project.
Karen Civil, another honoree, has diverse roles as consultant, publicist, reporter and quasi-A&R for some of hip-hop’s top names, including Young Money and The Clipse. She created and runs the super popular online outlet,, for Lil Wayne to communicate with his fans during his current incarceration. 
She worked with Sow a Seed - a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports orphanages with a special focus on the welfare of Haiti’s children. Karen broke ground and began the process to build the second Project PlayWorld in Haiti and the country’s first learning landscape in Crois des Bouquets; sponsored by the Live Civil Fund. 
The organization honored Ms. Harriet R. Michel who serves as the President of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. She served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Urban League and has been a Director of Triad Healthcare Corporation since 2004. She also serves as a Director of New York National Bank. 
She has received many awards such as the 2004 Enterprising Woman of the Year Award; the Executive Leadership Council’s Achievement Award; and the Legacy Award from the Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency .Ms Michel has been helping others such as a member of three United States Agency for International Development missions to South Africa and also served on the United States-Haiti Business Development Committee. She is a founding member of the Association of Black Foundation Executives. 
Dr. William Pape, Founder of Les Centres Gheskio in Haiti, which has championed education, health care, and HIV research, and has worked closely with Weill Cornell since its inception. He was also honored by the Haitian-Canadian Cator Foundation as one of 10 Haitians who have made outstanding contributions to the country. 
Dr Page, a Cornell Professor, also directs, in concert with Weill Cornell's Division of International Medicine and Infectious Diseases, a National Institutes of Health training and research program that focuses on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and diarrhea illness. Dr. Page is the lead investigator for an HIV vaccine trial that will be initiated later this year in Haiti and was honored at the United Nations.
11 Alive news anchor DeMarco Morgan was engaging Master of Ceremonies for the event. 
The well dressed attendees enjoyed the fine catered food prepared by Haiti Food and Spirits creator Chef Stephan Berrouet that created authentic and delicious Haitian dishes Chef Stephan. Many enjoyed dancing to the music provided by Wanito. 
Haiti Cherie is an annual benefit founded by Fabrice J. Armand, producer, philanthropist, native son of Haiti and current VP of GCaribbean Magazine. The funds raised by the gala are for organizations that are making a sustainable impact in Haiti. Haiti Cherie celebrates the beauty, history of the Haitian culture while honoring the resiliency of its people. For more information, please
HELP ( is a 501c3 whose mission is to create, through merit- and needs-based university scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who promote a more just society in Haiti. The organization provides university scholarships in Haiti for straight-A students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 
Project St. Anne ( was founded by a small group of women passionate about giving back to their community in Camp-Perrin, Haïti, situated south of Port- Au- Prince. Their objective is to provide financial support to children by assisting them with the vital need of an education.



Rising Pop Star Alus to Open up for Big Sean

Big Sean has been in every headline lately but the headline we are excited about is that the newest face in Pop and R&B, Alus is going to be his opening act next month. Straight off the heels of opening up Roc Nation's throne boxing tournament with a moving rendition of our national anthem, Alus is practicing for her big night with Big Sean at Princeton. We've been smitten by the East-Coast's latest power vocalist ever since she dropped her single "Ordinary Girl" last year  Far from an ordinary artist, Alus is a true musician and writer who plays the piano and guitar. The Jersey native is a triple threat who is already bagging endorsement deals and partnerships with the likes of Andy Hilfiger, Shape Magazine and Angel Professional Paris. Despite all of this, Alus says her priority is music and completing her EP.  "Music is my life and I feel fortunate to be able to share my love, my pain, my struggles and experiences with my fans through my songs.  My fans have become my support system and my army leading me to conquer my dreams," say Alus.

Alus walked in Andy Hilfiger's fashion show yesterday and she said Hilfiger has been a blessing.  "I always loved Tommy Hilfiger growing up I admire Andy Hilfiger. Andy works with all the major stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Aerosmith, Paris Hilton and for him to be working with me in such an early stage in my career is humbling and exciting.  I feel very lucky  I have a great team around me," shares Alus.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, Alus says inner beauty is the most important aspect of being beautiful.  As far as her beauty must haves, Alus says "I have to  have a great perfume, good moisturizer, and a popping lipstick!"  Alus recently released an acoustic version of her "Ordinary Girl" and we love the rawness of her vocals and the fact that she doesnt' need a huge production to shine as an artist.

you can soon check out "Ordinary Girl" (acoustic here).  So come back soon.  follow Alus on IG & Twitter on @alusofficial



The stiletto nail trend


With a standing weekly appointment at my local nail salon (and an entire bathroom shelf stocked with nail polishes, pens and stickers), it's pretty clear that I'm obsessed with nail art. And while I don't allow seasons or trends to stop me from sporting a neon manicure year-round, I couldn't resist testing out celebrities' latest obsession:stiletto nails.

We bring you inspiration for the new manicure trend- stiletto trend. Though stiletto nails have been recently highlighted in the fashion world due to celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Fergie sporting the design.




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