Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 10:51PM
Anissa Rochester in Chasity Serera Nyfw ss18l, Fashion, Neubyrne nyfw ss18, Nolcha Spring Summer 18, Trade by Gina La Morte nyfwss18, Yuirta Puji nyfwss18
By: Jiovana Dawson
The Nolcha Shows, an award winning event, was truly inspiring and innovative. This amazing
leading platform gives emerging independent designers the opportunity to showcase their
collections to a global audience of press, industry influencers and stylist. The Nolcha Shows
featured a variety of designers such as Chasity Sereal, Neubyrne, Trade by Gina La Morte and
Yuirta Puji for the NYFW Spring/Summer 2018 collections.
Chasity Sereral, a Houston based designer showcased her Spring/Summer 2018 stylish array of
non-traditional gowns and dresses. Inspired by Alexander McQueen, Chasity Sereal also drew
inspiration for this seasons collection from the idea that women and nature are forever
connected and have many similarities. This collection featured silk, beaded laces, leather, metal
and textured fabric.
Neubyrne, an extraordinary vibrant chic collection by designer Martha Gibbs was one that was
definitely exciting to see. Neubyrne which means “new you” was inspired by a Vietnam mask.
Martha Gibbs stated, “The texture, the face, the colors; I knew right then and there that this little
man was something special and now the face of this collection”. This collection featured vibrant
colors, Mesh and intricate hand woven cloths from the Ta Oi Tribe, which featured their symbolic
language woven into the materials.
Trade by Gina La Morte was definitely an inspiring handbag accessory collection with an
uplifting cause. Gina La Morte uses her fashion to help women and children get saved and
transformed out of the human trafficking trade. Trade by Gina La Morte was inspired by
transformation, deconstructed luxury and beautifully broken things. This collection features
signature Monarch and Cocoon shapes, vegetable tanned Italian leathers, hand dyed Italian
vintage suede, cotton, silk and recycled hand dyed silk Sari’s from India that are repurposed by
women coming out of domestic violence shelters.
Yuirta Puji, an Indonesian based brand brought a traditional ethnic and elegant feel to NYFW.
Inspired by women weavers in small villages, Yurita Puji uses Indonesian traditional ikat fabric
and natural dye from natural resources to make eco-friendly fashion products. This collection
features Indonesian woven fabrics, lace taffetas, beads, Swarovski crystals and bolder flowers.
Overall, the NYFW Nolcha Shows was definitely an array of presentations filled with positivity,
inspiring creations and innovation


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