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"Battle of the Chefs- Show Us How You Roll #4Kids"

Battle of the Chefs - Show Us How You Roll #4Kids”  



The Amal Alliance, Inc. invites you to Battle of the Chefs - Show Us How You Roll #4Kids on Monday, August 28th from 6-9 pmRenowned chefs Danny Lee, DJ Dallas Green, Shani Porter, and Patrick Appolonia will prepare their version of the “best” Lobster Roll or Burger (on a roll!), which will be evaluated and judged by 4 hungry children!

Join us to see who wins and to savor mini versions of Burger & Lobster’s famous Original Burger and Original Lobster Roll, drinks, and tasty treats during a fun filled evening. All proceeds from this event will go directly to give hope and happiness to refugee children through education and integration programs.

The Amal Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-governmental organization that helps displaced children at refugee camps around the world through unique education and integration programs. The programs were conceived to encourage active reading, creative fun activities and critical thinking; to facilitate recreational and relaxation activities to stimulate children’s thinking; and to empower and integrate children for a better future by giving them hope to fill their empty days while they wait.  

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