Katy Perry shoes
Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 9:20PM
Anissa Rochester in Fashion, Katy Perry, Katy Perry shoes, celebrity brands, colorful shoes, macys


Katy Perry Launched in Spring 2017, the Katy Perry Footwear Collection features shoes with a distinct personality. Shoes that turn heads and stop traffic..

Katy Perry is known for her over-the-top rainbow wardrobe is iconic for being unique, even if it used to cost her a spot on some best-dressed lists. “For a long time I’ve been a bit of a parody of fashion,” says Perry, adding proudly, “but I’ve never been in a clique.”

Now the industry is coming around to her point of view: “There’s not a whole lot of blending in anymore,” she says. “I’m glad that fashion is getting a little bit more lighthearted.” She’s happy to help in that department with her new line, Katy Perry Footwear, a collection of 40 shoe styles ranging from platform heels to sneakers and shower slides. The best part? They won’t break the bank—prices range from $59 to $299.







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