Fab to Host New Media Panel and VR Experience
Monday, May 29, 2017 at 1:30PM
Anissa Rochester in Fab, Inspiration, NYC design, New media, VR experience


Fab, the design-focused e-commerce destination, will host a happy hour and new media thought-leader panel during NYCxDesign on Tuesday,  Panelists include Electric Objects Founder Jake Levine, virtual reality Designer and Art Director  James Orlando, Wired Design and Technology Editor Liz Stinson, and Fab Art Buyer Breana Zack.


The panel explored recent examples of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality as seen in art, design, and ecommerce. They will also discuss what keeps them inspired, the challenges that have shifted the design landscape, and game-changing innovations on the horizon. Additionally, guests will be invited to experience:









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