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Becky G new album 'Todo Cambio' and 'Power Rangers Movie

Becky G is popular for many reasons. One being that she's making her big debut on the big screen with Power Rangers on March 24, and the other being that she's ready to drop her first Spanish album.

While her Beasters patiently wait for the upcoming LP, Becky G has been rolling out singles to preview what's to come from the new album, including the latest, "Todo cambió.

Becky G will feature in the movie Power Rangers on March 24th.  The actress dished about her role as Trini, The Yellow Ranger, in the new film, calling her the ‘First Mexican Superhero’.

“I can say that, that’s really exiting to say and I can’t believe it!” she shared.  It was an honor to play her. And there aren't a lot of Latinos playing superheroes, so to be able to play a superhero, it's amazing. There's a Latina Yellow Ranger now!" 

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