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1 Book every Women should read



 Alexis Nicole White is the Author and relationship expert: Book "The Covered" offers five things women must do when red flags are displayed in a relationship. She is dedicated to empower women to be transparent, be fearless and to be resilient in relationships, love and life.


As a relationship expert, Alexis is dedicated to empowering women to be transparent, fearless and resilient with love and life. While she recognizes that emotional abuse is prevalent in many relationships, platonic and romantic, Alexis also understands that most people do not consider the quality of their relationships to be important. 


Sometimes referred to as the “Provocateur” for her ability to stir up a conversation, she is known for her practical, street-savvy ability to connect with her audience. Her fusion of real-life stories and conversational tactics connect with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level. Below are five ideas, in any event you need some things to consider:


1)      Is baggage destroying your relationships? Three ways to stop it, now.

2)      How men trick you into thinking their interested, and how to stop them in their tracks.

3)      Relationship insider reveals the five hidden secrets that your man prays you never find out about.

4)      Five things women need to stop doing immediately when red flags are displayed in a relationship.

5)      The common misconceptions about dating that actually do more harm than good.

About Alexis Nicole White:

Alexis Nicole White is an entrepreneur, author and inspirational speaker. As a graduate of Purdue University, Alexis dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder.  However, life and relationship experiences have birthed another passion in Alexis.  Today, this writer and speaker is passionate about raising awareness about emotional abuse in relationships.  Her memoir, The Covered, highlights her journey with experiencing emotional abuse and how she survived and thrived.  Her goal is to help other women, young and old, do the same – survive and thrive.  Her website can be viewed at:




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