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5 Techniques to get you prepared for the future of SEO

Techniques You Need to Know to Prepare you for the Future of Seo 

Change is inevitable and apart of our everyday evolution to become better, smarter individuals in our society.  The forever changing internet world is no different than the world in which we live and is subject to rules that will never change such as gravity, our need for oxygen, and water. Search Engines have been updated with new algorithms to safe guard spam and help people to find exactly what they are looking for online quicker and easier.  No one knows what the future is, but there are certain Techniques that will still apply in SEO that will reign supreme in the coming years over the outdated techniques that will become obsolete in the upcoming algorithm updates. 

After working with hundreds of customers, building their brand, social media presence, and optimizing their website content, our Tech contributor, Gerald Long II CEO of AdsManagerPro has created a list of 5 Techniques that he believes will still determine your rank in search engines in 10 years or more. 

1. Super Content 
    Its called Super Content cause its supposed to be high quality and stronger than normal content than most people post on similar subjects. You want to make sure you content is engaging and offers learning material for your readers so they can grow with your business and learn from you.  You’ll get more visitors and (CTR) click through rate will be higher with higher quality content. If running running ads on your website this will generate more revenue.

    The SEO reason for Super Content is you need it to rank higher in the search engines based on clicks, searches, shares, and overall engagement with your content. The more people who engage with your content the higher it will rank regardless of how many black hat seo tricks they use one spam sites you will over come them in the algorithm changes, and its best not to focus solely on getting to the number 1 search rank slot but for you to make sure your content is searchable and delivers high quality content to your customers to build loyal customer base. 

2. Keywords
    Without being descriptive enough about your content and what its about will lead Super Content to being overlooked by your customers. There are better descriptive words that can be used to drive more search traffic and return visitors to your website.  When your building your website make sure you use the best keyword to describe the url link so that search engines will display your website in searches.  The keywords used in the content can also have a great impact on your CTR and drive more traffic to your website.
Using the wrong keywords will do the opposite, and bury your website urls and blog posts under the spam sites where no one can find them in the searches.  If this happens you’ll waste more money trying to build your SEO and your website will become ineffective in searches. 
3. Optimize Website 
    Websites have the same principals as a textbook of information in which there are table of contents, foreword, chapters, sections, and appendix sections to help people find what they want to read in the book better. To optimize your website build it like a textbook, and create a sitemap (table of contents) which labels all the pages (chapters) links and contents (sections) for people to easily navigate the website. Search Engine crawlers is what search engines like Google use to find content and determine what’s on a website to optimize the search. It will read your website like a table of contents and rank it based on engagement and clicks/shares to determine if the information is important to its readers before the post search results.  Make sure your url are in order on a sitemap and organize your website so you can gain more visitors and traffic leading to sales. 

4. Social Media Presence 
    It should be obvious but if you don’t have a social media presence your not going to have anyway to share your Super Content to. Your website needs an audience, just like a movie release needs moviegoers. Try to research and learn more about which social media services will help your business the most before you build your social media platform, but optimize it by adding your website link (back linking) back to your website which will create social media traffic. Each followers or like you receive can see your future posts about your content and decide to click to learn more about your business. Services like AdsManagerPro can help you grow your social media presence so that your rank will rise based on CTR and engagement.  People tend to trust services with higher follower rates or at least social media platforms with high engagement. You don’t want to lose business, because your social media account looks brand new or unprofessional. 

5. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics
    Google Offers Free tools to help businesses, brands, and individuals build better websites using keyword search, term search, and many more SEO tools.  Keyword Research will help you find the best words to use in your blog posts, or content used on your website which will build your search rank higher.  Using Google Analytics will help you with choosing demographics for who to target your SEM when you incorporate paid advertisements into your SEO strategy. If a lot of your traffic is coming from a different area then intended you can make adjustments with your social media campaign to grow customers in the areas you actually want business. Its also helpful in keeping up with the CTR and return visitor traffic and also how long they are visiting your pages for to learn ways to keep them engaged longer.

    It’s a lot of work to keep your SEO rank high on search engines when algorithms change every few months. Utilizing these 5 Techniques will put you ahead of the spam killing updates and allow your site to benefit from the updates instead of suffer. If you have trouble with building your Social Media presence or SEO for your website reach out to to gain expert assistance and also check out their blog for tips on specific SEO topics that may help you in your DIY webmaster project.

-Abesi Manyando

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