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Sizzling Summer Tips from Silas the Stylist

Hello my Baby Boos it it's me your favorite celebrities favorite stylist, Silas the Stylist taking over Beauty Within TV New York's pages. Well lets get to it! Memorial day is here and it is that time again..summer time!  We all know that there is nothing wrong with being fashionably late, but with summer here you may want to consider being a little early.  This summer it is all about denim. Denim in all colors, textures distressed or not. (and who doesn't love a great piece of denim) 


Summer 2015 has really raised the bar in the fashion game  and if you wanna get a step up you may wanna grab yourself a pair of platforms. With a wide array of styles for men and women (yes men) you can’t go wrong . Ladies there are platform wedges and heels on the market awaiting  you, and fellas the platform sneakers are clearly eye catchers and not typically what you would think when you hear platform shoe from major designers like Versace, Prada and the popular “camper” sneaker the  hong kong inspired new school has been showing up and showing out. What better way to make a statement  this summer with a new look.

Be sure you have the essential pieces of 2015 to insure your summer wardrobe  is on point, heres a few tips to help you out so pay attention.

Floral patterns are the prints this year so ithere is nothing wrong with getting your miami vice on.

Fellas listen up!!!!! this year is all about the Cabana shirt also known as the Cuban Collar, the funky selection of prints and tones should make it easy to effortlessly look your best.  the color that you can never go wrong with is White White White…. be sure to stay stocked up on all tones and shades because you'll be needing them this summer

 2015 is a year of color extremes from subtle to bold. Some may prefer light hues and undertones of class and by bad chicas are going for the  bold color blocking as seen on Kerry Washington, Beyonce J lo and more.

Plus pay attention the old school is creeping its way back. 2015 fashion is all about the throwback looks so out with the new and in with the oldlight weight fabrics not only keep you cooler but it also keeps you comfortable and chic.  Since I am Silas the Sylist I cant leave my baby boos  without giving you some hair tips.  I know you're all trying to be fly for the memorial day shenanighans. Half of you are probably in Miami and the real bosses are probably chilling at home plotting their next takeover moves.  where ever you are, I have your last minute tips.

For the ladies dealing with a last minute hair crisis here are a few tips to help you make it through the upcoming heat and drastic hair conditions.

Short hair and pixie cuts are at an all time high and perfect for the woman looking for a new edgy doo

if you have longer tresses that you cant get under control use fabric softener sheets for static  stricken hair simply rub them through your hair and go

for  fly aways and dryness use a little amount of moroccan argan oil before styling

be sure to wrap your hair in a bonnet or silk scarf when in the gym or performing task that may cause heavy sweating , this prevents you from sweating out your style and preserving a fresh style

for the guys the the new age of fades are in full affect and for the get up an go guy try the sponge look ,  its becoming quite the trend.  Stay safe and cool. Thank you Abesi and Anissa for having me contribut- love the ever so fabulous...Silas the stylist.  Fins me on twitter and IG @silasthestylist

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