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Art Institute Fall/Winter show NYFW 15

MBFW Fall 2015: Art Institute

By Jia Wertz of Studio 15

The Art Institute Fall 2015 Student Show highlighted the designs of 12 students who

competed against other Ai students for the chance of a lifetime: to present their

collection at New York Fashion Week. To my surprise, the one person that stole the

show wasn’t a designer, it was Megan Silcott, a young woman who opened the show by

walking down the runway using a walker.


Megan woke up on the morning of August 16, 2012 unable to move, she was diagnosed

with a rare neurological disorder, and was paralyzed form the neck down. Since then,

Megan has been recovering in ways that doctors thought to be impossible. And less than

three years later, she walked the full length of a very long runway at New York Fashion

Week. Megan is determined to fully recover and and pursue her dream of acting or a

career in fashion. I have no doubt that this determined woman will get there. Watching

her walk the runway was astonishing, and clearly the entire audience thought so; they

gave her a standing ovation.


 The designs ranged from beautiful to strange, as all shows do at fashion week, but each

one artistic in their own way. Jesus Romero, a student from San Francisco, created his

line with Marlene Dietrich as an inspiration, and it was stunning. The gorgeous flowing

fabrics were constructed in unique yet wearable pieces. What more could a woman ask

for? Romero was definitely the highlight of this show.

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