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Gaining a competitive advantage with SEO



 Branding and business growth is a priority for all companies and entrepreneurs, SEO and Branding Specialist, Gerald Long has been the go-to guy for all things social media helping companies increase their visibility while attracting consumers to their business.  As the CEO of Ads Manager Pro, Long has worked with fortune 500 companies, entertainers, athletes and small businesses willing to invest in their brands.  He sat down with us to gives us tips on how to capitalize on social media and gain an advantage over your competitors.    


 #1 Tip Twitter Followers

You should Follow Similar Brands, or pages you like and there top followers in order to better target followers who would most likely be interested in what you are tweeting about. Twitter only lets you go back to the last 600 followers so if you check back every few days you can get a fresh batch of followers from your favorite brands. For every 1000 people you follow you’ll get 150-200 followers.

#2 Tip Website Traffic

You should create an account with google and add your website url to google search engine if you haven’t don’t so already by going to and searching add url to google. This will place your website in the search query and allow googles search spiders to find your website url, also make sure your website description includes keywords that will help determine what you are selling marketing or promoting on your website.

#3 Tip Instagram Targeted Followers

If you are looking to build your brand for sales, or promotions and you need a targeted following utilize the #HASHTAGS on your instagram photos. Each time you hash tag a photo it will be available in the top search for the specific topic for a limited amount of time allowing you to gain traffic from people most like interested in your services.

#4 Tip Don’t Buy Fake Numbers or Followers

If you want to grow a highly engaging community of fans or customers for your brand it will not help to obtain fake followers from these website claiming to sell them. They clog up your account and they keep your message from reaching the real followers that you have. Also it’s a waste of money considering social media platform now erase these ghost accounts from your account and you will not be able to get them back unless you build a real following. Real followers will share your posts to more real people who are interested and cause your page to grow organically.

To contact or hire  Long connect with him on twitter and instagram/twitter @adsmanagerpro


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