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"Unmasking the stars behind the scenes"

Unlabelled awards
By Abesi Manyando

Carol Dunkley unmasks the stars behind the scenes with the Unlabelled Awards

Unmasking the stars behind the scenes has been Carol “Butterfly Tia” Dunkley’s goal for years.  The fearless and gorgeous entrepreneur and mother got tired of the fact that too many people in entertainment, business and media go un-noticed no matter how exemplary their contribution is to our society and world.  “There are women and men who tirelessly behind the scenes to create the finished products that we all marvel about,”begins Dunkley.  “So many beautiful people are responsible for the end for the results of the things we love.  It could be a look, music, a film, a song, a T.V show whatever it is, requires the labor of love from an individual that may never get credit or recognized in the limelight.  These people are designer, make-up artists, techies, publicists, songwriters, media people, stylist the list goes on and on.  I think it’s a little disheartening that they must alway remain in the shadow of oblivion or in the background that many never get access to. What I wanted to do is celebrate all these people.  They deserve an award and their own moment in time, explained Dunkley.  Her thought process gave birth to her unleashing the Unlabelled awards.


The Unlabelled awards recognizes the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people who brave enough dream.  Dunkley is the first to tell you that she see herself as one of these individuals.  I’m an entrepreneur, I’m mom but I have a dream and I have goals like everyone else. I’m going to make it my mission to shine and make sure many others do as well.  I want people to push themselves to be great no matter what barriers are in their way, no matter how old they are no matter what they don’t have.  I believe that everything is possible-even the impossible.”

Dunkley is in the process of curating the 2016 Unlabelled Awards during New York Fashion week this upcoming February.  The exquisite show will be filled with celebrity presenters recognizing a cluster carefully selected nominees in music, beauty, social media, fashion technology and more.  Previously the Unlabelled Awards featured some of New York’s top media people, socialites, and fashionistas with Missy Elliot giving a flawless performance.  If you want to keep up with Dunkley and to get involved with Unlabelled Awards as a sponsor or talent follow @fachionbloc on Instagram or Twitter.


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