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Bino & Fino: The Cartoon every parent needs to know about!

Bino and Fino is the groundbreaking cartoon that everyone is buzzing about.  As parents we all know that there is a definite void in diversity as it pertains to children's programming.  Adamu and Ibrahim Waziri, the creators of this popular educational cartoon are changing this.  Finally, parents have a cartoon that their children can identify with. Bino and Fino are widely popular amongst children from many different backgrounds and cultures.  Hopefully with their growing popularity, children of color everywhere will no longer fill as invisible when they watch their favorite cartoons and other children will get to learn about true African culture.  Beauty Within TV  had a chance  to talk to  Adamu and Ibrahim Waziri. See what the inspiring creators had to say about our new favorite animation!

Why is Bino and Fino important for parents and children? 


Bino and Fino is important for children and parents because it is an educational and fun show. The show is also important because it portrays a type of African family that is rarely showed in popular children’s media. 


What can children learn about Bino and Fino?


Bino and Fino are brother and sister who love to learn. They go on adventures with Zeena the magic butterfly who

 helps them learn and discover things about the world. 



 What inspired you to create Bino and Fino?



There was a lack of of a type of children's show for children in Nigeria.  Where I'm from.  All of the children's cartoons on  our television screens are imported. Plus none of them showed any characters that looked like us. The older I became I noticed it more African countries. This is a crazy situation that’s going under the radar as far as I’m concerned. I have to mention that I have nothing against foreign children’s shows. What I have a problem with is the balance.


We need to step up our game in sub Saharan Africa to make sure our children have a good choice of quality locally produced children’s media that is safe and educational. The educational element is the most important part that inspired me to be honest. Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world. I totally believe that.


The medium of cartoon shows is a powerful influencer of young minds so why not use it to an advantage? Since I had a small animation company in Abuja, Nigeria, I decided we could have some sort of impact and address the imbalance in a little way.


How do you think Bino and Fino can change the stereotypes of the western perception of Africa?


Though that’s not the main reason for doing Bino and Fino, a wonderful side effect of the show has the reaction to the show from parents who live in different parts of the world. The show has fans in the U.S. Japan, S. Korea, Brazil, Germany, Sweden , the U.K., France, Jamaica, St. Lucia and many more countries. The interesting is that the fans are not only from the Diaspora which is great and we hope this will increase with the new episodes. That is the way it should be. The cultural exchange should not be one way only but be equal ideally.


 What are some children's responses to Bino and Fino?


The great thing is that the educational component of the show is coming through. Many parents comment on what they and their children have learnt from the show. On a basic level, many children have commented in various ways about seeing characters like them on screen. They say things like “Bino looks like my brother” or “Fino is Brown like me”. Those are very powerful statements.


 What can audiences expect in the next DVD?

We’re going to mix it up more in the new episodes. There will be quite a few episodes about culture, geography and history from different African countries. Beyond that we’re going to cover general educational topics like maths, science and life lessons.


Go to for more info

and check out Bino and Fino's awesome soundtrack here :

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