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Emerson Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Article by : Jiovana Dawson

The spring 2013 Emerson Collection by designer Jackie Fraser-Swan was remarkably creative and thrilling! The designs were extremely fresh, on trend and something for everyone to look forward to. This year’s Emerson collection was inspired by horror movies from the 1970s such as “Carrie” and “The Amityville Horror,” as well as more contemporary films such as “American Horror Story.”
Since Jackie Fraser-Swan’s inspiration was horror movies, the models wore gloomy “walking dead” makeup and their hair was styled in a goddess French braid. The collection mostly consisted of a variety of gorgeous multi colored dresses. The two dresses that stood out to me the most was the black and white striped dress with the varsity jacket on top and the red print dress that looked like it was spray-painted.




The studio was full of various people eager to see what Jackie Fraser-Swan’s 2013 Emerson collection consisted of. There were also some famous faces in the crowd such as Paula Abdul and Maksim Chmerkovskiy from “Dancing with the Stars.” As I observed some of the faces of the people in the crowd, they seemed very amazed by the 2013 Emerson collection! At the end of the Show, as the models did their final walk together, red confetti began to fall from the roof. I thought that was miraculous because it went exactly with the horror-inspired theme. When Jackie Fraser-Swan came out at the end of the show, her daughter ran up to her to give her a hug, which was a picture perfect moment! Overall, the spring 2013, Emerson collection was astonishingly stunning and I am keen to see what new creative designs Jackie Fraser-Swan has in store for the fall.


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