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BET Music that Matters 

Article by : Joneal Legere

BET Music That Matters

Tuesday August 14th Santos Party House was filled with young talented artist as they presented BET Music Matters; with performances by Jessica Betts, Chris Tuner, Lolah Brown, 360, and featured artist Austin Brown.

The first act of the night opened with artist; Jessica Betts who is an American singer/songwriter from Chicago Illinois. She was on Missy Elliott's reality show (The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott) and won the competition. She now has her own independent record label, Grand Qrue Entertainmen.  When you combine raw energy with soulful sound and earthy vocals, the end result is without a doubt, Jessica Betts.

Next was Lolah Brown used the tutelage of working as a background vocalist for Keri Hilson, John Legend and Nicki Minaj prepared her to become a solo artist.   Lolah voice is sexy, sultry, her lyrics are fun and powerful. Ms. Brown has no problem letting us know she play no games when it comes to her heart; as she sings her hit songs “Maybe, I’m Moving On, Somebody, and Do You Know,” from her debut album Black Lilly. Lolah performance was smooth, graceful and sexy: she kept the audience eyes on her; at least her side revealing top did. Many times during her performance we (the audience) thought she would have a Ooops moment, but her double sided tape held on tight throughout the show.  If you like Melanie Fiona, Elle Verne, and ……. Then you will love the sound of Lolah Brown.
Watch Lolah video "Moving On"
Visit Lolah website at

Last but not least performance was Austin Brown. He is no relation to Lolah Brown; but is the nephew of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, son of Rebbie Jackson. I have to admit, at first I wasn't quite sure how I felt about Austin music. Before the show I watched a few of Austin videos on Youtube. His musical style wasn't consistent. I couldn’t figure out if he was Pop, Rock or R&B. My mistake was trying to fit him into a musical box, don’t make the same mistake I did. Austin Brown hit the stage, showing off his flawless dance moves while playing a acoustic guitar. He gave a highly energetic performance singing his hit songs Ménage Trios, Roller Coaster of Love, and Fried Chicken. Austin Brown knows how to connect with his audience and fans throughout the night. He is a Jackson all the way; he has the ability to capture his audience just like his aunts and uncles did. Austin performance takes you through a musical journey with different sounds, styles and moves; unlike other artists who imitate his uncle MJ.

Austin Brown Menage A Trois


Me (Joneal) backstage with Austin Brown.
For more info on Austin Brown and to listen to singles of his cd title Highway 85 visit

106 & Park on August 21, 2012. You can log onto to see your favorite artist.

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