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Fashion on the Hudson 

Article and Interview By: Tiffany Kirkland

Interview Images and Interview Article provided by Elaine Ylang 


Fashion on the Hudson


            On Friday July 20, TIAN on the Riverbank hosted the Fashion on the Hudson Press Party event featuring renown Fashion Week Designer Zang Toi. The venue was located in the heart of Manhattan’s Riverside State Park with an immaculate view of the Hudson River.

            The event created by Sophia Davis CEO of BTE TV and Publisher of Fashion Avenue; included a number of attendees including show sponsors “The Women’s Chamber Global Business Institute, Vera Moore Cosmetics, The Design House of Thomas LaVone, and Fashion Avenue News Magazine. Music was hosted by Dr. Bob Lee of WBLS.

Hair Designs by Stephanie Moye

Hair Design Birthday Cake

Hair Design: Mermaid

Hair Design: Butterfly


Zang Toi showcased his collection

Models flaunted upcoming Fall 2012 looks from designers including New York’s Very own Fur Man, well known designer Zang Toi, Harlem Heavens Hat Boutique, as well as unique hair styling by hairstylist Stephanie Moye. Her designs consisted of not only her outstanding hair talents, but a runway show featuring pieces made out of hair.


BWTV attended an exclusive press event featuring various designers, beauty gurus from around the area and Saturday the runway presentation.

            One of the sponsors and the creator of Vera Moore Cosmetics, Vera Moore herself also attended the event along with her daughter Consuela Moore who is also a licensed esthetician for the cosmetic line. Moore’s line has been in business going on 35 years and was inspired by the mission to create a quality product for the ethnic beauty and skincare market.

            The night was followed by a number of meet and greets with designers of the event as well as excellent food and drinks provided by the restaurant staff of TIAN at the Riverbank

Vera Moore and BWTV correspondent Tiffany Kirkland

Interview with Vera Moore: Founder of Vera Moore Cosmetics

BWTV: What was your inspiration behind the collection right now?

Vera Moore: My inspiration has always been to find a quality product.

BWTV: What kind of look are you going for in your products?

Vera Moore: Mine is more about the clean look. My products are all about clearing up the skin. Let’s say it’s 95 degrees out, you don’t want to be wearing make-up. If you have clear skin you can just put on a regimen and your good to go. Keep it simple. 

BWTV: What is your response to those whom use make-up as a cover up.

Vera Moore: My idea is to step back from the “cover up” and instead “clean it up”—When people look at you and say, “Oh you look beautiful, it’s all about the gorgeous clarity of the skin—it’s not about the makeup. You don’t have to wear make-up to be beautiful!” 

BWTV: So how would you define the term “Beauty Within?”

Vera Moore: True beauty is within. It’s about personality and sharing. If you love yourself and are full of self esteem and you share that with others—that to me is true beauty. It’s all about confidence and personality. 


Be sure to visit for product details and skin consultation to clear up your skin and look flawless!

BWTV Tiffany Kirkland & the Furman

BWTV: What was your inspiration for the collection set today?

Mr. Will: Every year is a new inspiration—it is not a one-year thing. There’s always new inspiration coming from all directions. We want to make wonderful gorgeous things for all women of different height, different age, and different sizes.

BWTV: What kinds of fur or pieces do you incorporate into a collection?

Mr. Will: We have over 500 pieces and we make 10 of 1 each to incorporate the different sizes and measurements that compliment the wearer. If you like a piece and it’s not your size, we can make it just for you.

BWTV: What seems to be the overall trend, or popular style for this year?

Mr. Will: Well this year it seems to be a trend for the shorter look—but it really all depends on the customer and their preference of when and where they will wear the coats. That is the special thing that makes us different from others. We cater to however you want your coat to be-- It’s not about the latest trends or what everyone else is wearing, it’s about you!

BWTV: Since furs can be in high demand at times, do you have a lay-away option?

Mr. Will: Yes, we do—we have a 90day lay-away and we ask for a 3rd deposit.


The “Fur Man” has been serving the community for 30yrs! Be sure to stop by this winter for your personalized coat!


156 West 30th Street – Street Level

New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212.947.7723



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