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BWTV interviews Erin Yogasundram of the hip and funky

Article by Tiffany Kirkland 

Erin Yogasundram of the hip and funky online accessory site has recently launched her own website that has already received thousands of hits! She even garnered her own stylish showroom in New York’s Fashion District all at a mere 20 years old!  Amazed by her entrepreneurship, BWTV decided to sit down and Chat with Erin while taking pictures, and eating cupcakes with her interns Julia and Georsie.

BWTV: When did the idea of ShopJeen come about?
 Erin: I began blogging as a freshman in college, and initially thought of creating my own Etsy shop. However, later I decided to transform my idea into my own online store.

BWTV: How did you actually create ShopJeen?
Erin: I saved up about $2,000. Then I bought wholesale items from my favorite accessory designers and filtered out the items I wanted to sell on my site.

BWTV:  Was it difficult to create your shop?
Erin: I conducted lots of research about designers and used my experience as a blogger to learn how to create my site.

BWTV: When did ShopJeen launch?
Erin: We launched at the end of December.

BWTV: Was this your first sample sale?
Erin: Our first sample sale event took place on our grand opening day. The current sale is our second.

BWTV:  How can customers buy items from ShopJeen?
Erin: They can either go on our website, or we schedule by appointment.

BWTV: How often do people shop in person or by appointment?
Erin: We see about 2-4 people on average.

BWTV: How do you get designers to sell their items to you for your site?
Erin: I reach out and speak to designers while forming strong relationships with them.

BWTV: What is the average price range of the items on ShopJeen?
Erin: Our items range from $10- $1,000.

BWTV:  How do you select which items you want to sell on your site?
Erin: I chose items based on my personal style and taste.

BWTV: Any upcoming plans for ShopJeen?
Erin: We are planning to launch a video series possibly entitled, “Life of a startup in NYC”.
Fortunately, Erin has lots of help from the interns at ShopJeen. I also got the chance to sit down and briefly discuss their recent experiences.  22 –year-old Julia, who is a full time intern only began four days prior to our interview. Already she explained “she feels at home” and “loves working at ShopJeen because it is a new company and she has the opportunity to grow with them.” 21-year-old Georsie, who is another full time intern has previously interned at CNN and Teen Vogue, but “loves the start up dynamic and hands-on atmosphere at ShopJeen.”

Erin used her favorite fashion finds to launch her very own website. Her story inspires young girls and women everywhere to take your passion and make it a reality. Remember girls, true beauty is found within!



Image of haute shoe above: Endeavour wedge $220


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