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Thelma Aoyama, Japanese Pop and R&B Prodigy.

Article by: Elaine C. Yang

Thelma Aoyama is a Japanese pop and R&B singer whom is a quarter Trinidad Afro.  She was born October 27, 1987 in Naraken Japan. Thelma debuted into the Japanese music scene in 2007.

Thelma is well known for her specialties in collaboration work with other artists. Her song, “Soba ni Iru ne” with SoulJa sold well over two million in digital downloads making it’s spot to the 2008 Guinness World Records!

 Since then, Thelma has gone on to collaborating with many other artists even outside of Japan. Collaborations with Taeyang from Big Bang and 4minute, earned her some recognition in the Korean music scene!   

Inversely, many Korean idols have branched over to the Japanese music scene as well. From BoA, DBSK/Tohoshinki to KARA, Girl’s Generation, Afterschool, U-Kiss and SHINee just to name a few.    

Soba ni Iru ne


Without U LIVE perf. feat. Jiyoon and Gayoon from 4minute

Music is truly a universal language – we can still enjoy a good song even if it’s in a different language. It has been proven that music is directly triggered at our emotions. “A piece in fast tempo and major key triggers happiness and energy whereas, a piece in slow tempo and minor key triggers sadness.

-(source Scientific American)

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