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Street Glam: NYC Episode 2.

Interviews + Photos by: Elaine C. Yang

 Name: Sherry
Favorite Product Line/Brand: “I like many.” 
what defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beauty is intelligence and not about the clothes you wear or the make-up you put on.” 

Name: Hebreu-Alira 
Occupation: Student studying fashion design at Parsons
Fashion Inspiration: “I wear what I like.”
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beauty is something that is vibrant and rich.” 

Name: Pingpong 
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand 
Occupation: Student fashion designer 
Fashion Inspiration: self - inspired
what defines the term “Beautiful?”  “Beauty is something that is inside and its shy to the look.” 

Name: Duby Novak 
Occupation: Founder and owner of Brazilian store “Duby Novak” ( 
Favorite Product Line/Brand: Roberto Musso and Channel 
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beauty is a way of life, it’s character within a person.”

Name: KultidaHometown: Thailand
Occupation: Student
Favorite Product Line/Brand: Forever21
what defines the term “Beautiful?” “I think confidence and the ability to wear whatever but still be yourself.”  

Name: Lacey
Occupation: College graduate
Favorite Product Line/Brand: “My favorite fashion label is Tibi and my favorite beauty brand is Nars.” 
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beautiful is about being comfortable in your own skin- it’s about people who like to interact with lots of other people. Someone who is bold and not afraid to take risks.” 

Name: Caitlin
Hometown: New Jersey
Occupation: Student at Fordham University 
Favorite Product Line/Brand: Urban Outfitters and Rachel Roy 
Fashion Inspiration: New York street style 
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beauty is not what you wear but how you present yourself.” 

Name: Aya 
Hometown: Wakayama, Japan 
Favorite Product Line/Brand: Alexander McQueen 
Fashion Inspiration: Self inspiration 
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beauty is sexy but casual; a strong women-  charisma.” 
 “Being different and active in personality is beautiful.” 

Name: Proud
Occupation: Employee at A.P.C Clothing
Favorite Product Line/Brand: “A.P.C of course; P and Nars!”
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is not one but many.”

Name: Morgan
Hometown: West Port, Connecticut
Occupation: Student  
Favorite Product Line/Brand: Marc Jacobs and Channel
What defines the term “Beautiful?” “Being different and active in personality is beautiful.”

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